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  1. Thanks for everyones advise, I have been feeling a lot better not eating gluten in less than a week. but before the blood test i decided to go and eat up...ha ha . I had Ravioli with cheese in it yesterday w/garlic bread and about died. The swelling that had went down came right back and i was up all night with stomach cramps and running to the bathroom. yuck. I am going to be tested this week but god i do not want to suffer like this. After doing some more family research all my mother's sisters and my granfather died from complications w/the intestinal track... Pancretitis, diabetes, etc... I have several 1st cousins that are now suffering with diabetes, fybromyalgia, exzema, psoriosis,stomach cancer, gerd ,etc. After my test , If it comes out positive I am going to be informing everyone in my family to be tested. Would eating a little gluten be ok for the test to come out positive? (even though i prefer not to eat any at all)
  2. Where to start, I am 36 years old and have been sick the last 10 years. I have been told I have everything from Flybromyalgia to IBS. The depression and anxiety have been horrible and i have been getting to the point i cannot drive at night because i am completly night blind. The day after Thanksgiving i had to go to the emergancy room. I was in horrible pain in my abdomen and could hardly breath. The cat scan showed nothing and the blood work showed i was anemic. I have gained about 40 lbs in the last 2 months, (mainly in my abdomen from swelling) Well the scheduled me to see a gastro specialist this past tuesday that i have seen before for the ibc and problems after my gallbladder was removed and he mentioned the symptoms of Sprue/Celiac disease and it fits my symptoms perfect. He wanted me to try a gluten free diet and is setting up me to see a dietician.. He is doing a blood test on Monday and i have been eating gluten free for the last 2 days and am starting to feel better... Will this effect the blood panel for sprue? I feel like after reading this message board that i am finally going to feel normal again and that is what has been going on with me instead of the other diagnosis. I have the extremely dry skin, ezcema, sores in the corner of my mouth , pain all over my body and bones...( i think i have every symptom. ) I felt really overwhelmed at first but this message board has seemed to make me feel better and know i am not alone in how i have felt. I know now this is what killed my mother, She died from emancipation at age 54. She weighed 69 lbs when she died. She always had gastro , pancreas, liver , stomach and intestinal problems and as the years went by she became insullin dependant diabetic and even though she ate we watched her waste away to nothing. I wonder if she was ever diagnosed with this.. Anyone know where to look up support groups in the area that you live in? I still feel a little overwhelmed and any advise would be great
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