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  1. Anyone suffering or has suffered from severe constipation and found out they have celiac? If so, how did you know? I have been suffering for years -and of course I kept eating more oat bran, fiber etc. to help and I think that is the wrong thing!!! Tried no wheat for the past few days and feel alot more energy-stomach is a little better but not sure yet-had the blood test done Monday-should know by next week-anyone who can relate to this and share I would really appreciate it!
  2. HI David-I am new too-been suffering with severe consitpation for years -been on ever prescription drug and recently my doctor gave me the pills you take before a colonscopy!!!! my friend has celiac and I thoughnt I would try not eating wheat or gluten for a few days-the funny thing was I was eating so much wheat for fiber etc. and it was just making it worse but I had no idea-had a blood test Monday so I should know next week-I have felt alot more energetic and happier but still not sure!
  3. been suffering from severe constipation for years-taken every type of medication and still suffering-my friend has celiac and said that I might have it too-today was my first day going wheat and gluten free and I do feel really good-but not sure if this will help with the constipation. I am going to see and accupuncturist tomorrow-I am really suffering-any advice or comments would so helpful.
  4. hi I am new to the site-and really need some help-I have been suffering from severe constipation for year-been on every prescription drug out there and now my doctor is giving me the pills you take before a colonscopy-ugh-I have had a colonic and I just don't know what is wrong with me-eating oat bran, wheat, popcorn, prunes-if it has fiber I have been eating it and no help-I have gone for 5 days without going until I take major laxatives-my friend has celiac and told me to get the test-I decided to try to go wheat free and gluten free first and then see how I feel-I also am going to see an accupuncturist-I am so miserable and I am not sure if this is the answer but everyone on this site seems so much happier....I am going to give it a try-it seems hard-in the supermarket today readhing every label-it seems like everything has wheat in it-any advice would be so greatly appreciated!
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