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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi all, I'm told that all Indian Restaurants are safe, except for the obvious things like Naan, Chapati, etc. Is this true? Our own local Indian here in Essex is very safe and I never have a problem. But, I'm travelling to London tomorrow to meet a friend from the US who's a curry fanatic, and am a little worried about eating in a different/new restaurant. Mike
  3. Are these conditions more pronounced in Coeliacs? Mike.
  4. Hi all, Does smoking and/or alcohol consumption retard the healing process? Mike.
  5. On Dec 5 I was given my diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. On that day I was weighed by the doc at 10 st.2 pounds. Today I went for my Bone Density Scan and was weighed as 9 st. 11 pounds. I have been Gluten -free since Dec 5, my appetite is good, yet I have apparently lost 5 pounds in weight??? I kinda expected to have gained weight???!!! Anybody else have this experience? Mike.
  6. What are the things to watch out for? A turkey bought directly from the butcher should be safe, right? Mike.
  7. Hi Yeah was at Waitrose today but the only bread they seem to sell is Dietary Special which to be honest tastes like cardboard. Mike.
  8. Hi Nikki Thanks for your reply. I ate some rice crispies this morning and seem to be ok, so...... It is trial and error, as you say. Mike.
  9. Hi all, Whats the story with Codex Wheat? Is it safe? Has anybody had any problems with it? Apparently, the best bread available in the UK is Juvella. BUT, it contains Codex Wheat, which I understand contains a little gluten. Also, Kelloggs Rice Crispies contains Codex Wheat. I haven't found a gluten-free breakfast cereal that I like the taste of, so would love to be able to eat Rice Crispies if they're safe. I do know that they are listed in the Coeliac UK directory as being safe. Would appreciate your input, folks. Mike.
  10. Thanks all. The chilli brand was Discovery - clearly labeled gluten free. Thanks Nikki, thats put my mind at rest regarding the dressing. Maybe the chilli was just too rich for my system right now, though I have used chilli powder pretty heavily in casseroles, etc. since going gluten free, without any problems. Thanks again, Mike.
  11. Stomach gurgling like nobody's business, diarrhoea, feeling generally unwell.... Had Chilli and salad last night. The chilli sauce was labelled Gluten free. Wholegrain rice. Fresh salad. Only thing I'm suspicious of is Kraft Light French Dressing. Reading the ingredients, I couldn't see anything harmful. But, now looking again -whats Carrageenan? And also, if the label just says "Flavouring" without specifying exactly whats been used, is this safe??? Mike.
  12. Hi, Personally, I would have told her to go f*** herself, and either ordered my own salad, or bring my own food in that day. Sorry to be blunt about it, but, I would certainly not allow myself to appear like I'm asking for special treatment, or feel discriminated against because I have special dietary requirements!!! Its tough enough to stick to a restricted dietary regime without that kind of attitude from people you gotta deal with on a daily basis. Mike.
  13. Hi everybody, Again I reiterate, I'm newly diagnosed. I just wondered - if one eliminates gluten from the diet, and then, inadvertently eats food containing gluten, is there an increased sensitivity to it? What are your thoughts? Mike.
  14. Thanks everybody, I think I'll need to speak with my parish priest about the situation. Thanks again, Mike.
  15. I am Catholic and receiving Holy Communion is important to me. I realise that the Communion wafer is generally not gluten-free. I contacted my parish priest who suggested I receive from the chalice only. However, I know that the wafer is broken into the wine in the chalice. Is it dangerous to sip wine from a chalice that contains a minute quantity of wafer? Any other Catholics out there who have any feedback on that? It's really important to me. Thanks, Mike.
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