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  1. Thanks for your responses! We tried one day back on gluten, and he was a mess (crying, tantrums, and tummy problems), so I guess that we'll just stay off for good. I do want him to have a diagnosis, especially since he's so young and it would be easier in the long run to tell pediatricians, etc. a definite diagnosis, but not at the expense of his health. Thanks again for your help. I will check into Enterolab for testing. Melody
  2. Hi everyone! We suspect that my four year old son has celiac, and he is scheduled for a ped GI visit on Jan. 8th. He has been gluten-free since mid-October, and we've seen a huge change in his behavior (finally cheerful and happy again), and in his bathroom habits (normal again). The doctor's office won't tell me whether or not to put him back on gluten right now, because the first visit is just an interview, I guess to see if they want to do testing. He has had no testing at all done yet - we (dh and I) just realized it could be a gluten thing since I have several relatives with celiac-type issues, and we put him on a gluten free diet to see if he improved. He did! OK - to the question! Should I put him back on gluten now to get a head start for the testing, or wait until the evaluation visit? Thanks for your responses! I love the site, and especially the message boards. This is all new to us.
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