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  1. Sorry. I'm feeling very confused and I can't remember if I posted in this forum or another asking about a gluten-free lipstick. One person did write to me suggestion one that I could order but I'm starting today today and I really wanted to be able to pick up something at the store so that I don't have to be lipstick free for the next week or two ;-) any ideas? Thanks. Sigrid
  2. Michelle, I put my name in at the library for that book. There's a bit of a waiting list so I can't get it right away... So glad that you are feeling better even though your tests were negative and that your hypoglycemia has improved. My hypoglycemia is really very severe and it was probably caused by gastric surgery because my insulin went 22 times two high in my blood sugar fell to 28 mg within less than two hours of drinking the glucose. Anyway, I do understand about gluten intolerance HOWEVER that wouldn't cause osteoporosis, deficiency in vitamin A., deficiency in vitamin D. and calcium, or would it? Would gluten intolerance cause fibromyalgia, constant headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome even without the distraction to the villi? Because those are my symptoms and I was so much praying to have celiac in order to explain them. Thanks. Please excuse typos. Sigrid
  3. Hmm. Interesting. The doctor also said that she wonders if my IGA levels interfered with the validity of the saliva tests. Confusing for me :-( Thanks! Sigrid
  4. Carla, when it comes to your health, as long as you have the money and the physical ability to get there, it's critical to get the best care. I wrote to the Mayo Clinic recently and sent them all of my lab tests and I was willing to spend thousands of dollars to go out there but they said that they couldn't help me. Is this man in New York can help you, go for it! That's fantastic. I want to ask you if you use a particular gluten-free lipstick or if just Vaseline on the lips is okay. I started a thread about that somewhere but I keep losing it because I'm such a mental case and I'm just too ill to follow things. Thanks and will be keeping my fingers crossed for your trip to New York! Sigrid
  5. That's terrific that you finally got an accurate diagnosis after all those years. Boy, your doctor must've had a all over her face! She deserved it. I hate it when doctors say that things are psychosomatic when they haven't properly tested for everything. If I need a doctor to authorize the blood work, I'm screwed because I don't know anyone who will do that. Have to brainstorm. BTW, why would my doctor check for my IGA levels? Is that related to celiac or gluten or just to my allergies & general immunity? Hope you're feeling MUCH better after you see the specialist. Is that a long way to travel for you? I hope this new person is really excellent. Fingers crossed for you. Sigrid
  6. Tom and Nancy -- you're right. Why do I need the validation from doctors who have misdiagnosed me almost all of my life? Slapping myself on the forehead. I am going to go gluten-free but I just can't cope with it emotionally before my birthday and the holidays. I'll do it in about 10 days. Carla -- my doctor would never give me a copy of those results. It was done by someone I don't even see now. Wouldn't I have to have been bitten by a tick? How are they treating the Lyme for you -- antibiotics? -- and how did you manage to get tested for it? Sigrid
  7. I'm feeling so ill with a migraine that I hope that people will excuse me if I don't answer replies individually. I'm going to throw everything together in this note. Yes, I was tested for Lyme disease several years ago and it was negative. Rice and bananas could be better than chicken all day. LOL. But I get your point and I appreciate it. Yes, I read Peter Green's book. We'll look into some others. Sorry, I I just feel too sick to continue but I appreciate everyone's input and will take it into account. Thanks :-) Sigrid
  8. Carla, I've had digestive problems for 25 years. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia in 1986 but I've had them since 1982. I have early osteoporosis, Gross vitamin deficiencies, and B12 deficiency, along with daily killer headaches. HOWEVER, I had two stomach surgeries that gave me severe hypoglycemia. I only eat 12 foods because all of the others give me migraines, sneezing attacks, or -- the majority -- are much too high in carbohydrates for me. I eat about 50 g or less of carbohydrates a day in order to reduce the symptoms of my hypoglycemia (I can't control it -- my blood sugar is still off all the time but my GI guy says that it's fairly normal for my type of gastric surgery. It's also possible and probable that might B12 deficiency and osteoporosis are a result of the surgery, but the doctors wanted to be certain that I don't have celiac since the fibromyalgia, headache, additional exhaustion, feeling crappy stuff all started years before the surgery which I had in 1990.) Complicated medical history because I was hit by a drunk driver. Totally healthy before that and then completely disabled with dozens of symptoms since then. Anyway, I'm not sure if I should take the plunge and try the diet. It's not as easy as anyone makes it sound because I can't substitute carbohydrates. I would have to go off my wheat bread and dry crackers and go grain free, which will drop my blood sugar and make me feel really sick. But of course it's the only way to really find out if I feel better gluten-free. I know perfectly well that medical tests aren't completely accurate. My dilemma. Thanks for your input. Sigrid
  9. Marcia, I can't add in any of the foods that you mentioned. All of those grains are ridiculously high in carbohydrates for me with the possible exception of buckwheat but I'm too afraid to try it. The others make my blood sugar very bad and I never touch fruit -- it's just like drinking a Coca-Cola for me. Fruit is poisonous to my blood sugar. My hypoglycemia is quite severe.
  10. I was all prepared to go gluten-free today, which is a massive undertaking for me since I am currently eating 12 foods and have huge vitamin deficiencies that I can't treat it as I react badly to vitamins, and I will be removing two out of my 12 foods -- the only and rich foods, for that matter -- but the my doctors office called and said that my saliva test was negative :-( Several years ago, I had a blood test and a biopsy for celiac and they were both negative. Is there any point for me to try the diet when all of the conventional tests suggest that I don't have gluten intolerance? Yes, I know that intolerance is different from official celiac, but I'm loath to try that diet without some sort of proof that I have the condition, although I know that if I react positively to the diet, that would constitute "proof." Anyway, how many other people on here have gone gluten-free when all of the other tests have indicated that gluten was not problem? Thanks. Sigrid (not sure to be happy about this negative result or unhappy!)
  11. Sunshinen, Thanks for your positive take on the issue. I'm feeling more than a little depressed at the moment -- not that you could tell. LOL. I'm in total food prison but, yes, on the bright side, a positive diagnosis may be a way out of that. Regardless of what the saliva and blood tests show, I'm going gluten free anyway tomorrow. And it's true that I have eliminated most of the carbs from my diet but whenever I dropp the wheat bread, I feel positively horrible because my blood sugar just doesn't go high enough. I've experimented with 10 -- 12 different types of breads. All of the pure whole-grain or rye give me violent nausea, migraines and bowel problems. They are really bad news. Anyway, I will just rough it out because attempts with brown rice bread or brown rice crackers -- even very low carb versions -- have been disastrous, so it's easier to go bread free in the beginning. Are you SURE that there might be a relationship between hypoglycemia and gluten? I would LOVE to believe that because I just can't imagine living my life on these 12 foods. It's insane. About 70% of the world the food is too high in carbohydrates for me; another 10% of foods give me migraines; in the last 10% set off sneezing attacks. Well, you can see how well I'm doing with my math, so I'm just going to sign off and thank you for your help. Also, I hope that you are feeling much better since going on the diet in February. YF, Sigrid
  12. Hey Electra --- I'm not sure if I have polyps but I do have the most outrageous , disabling sinus problems that get worse every year. I've always had some form of allergies since I was a kid but over the decades, they're becoming impossible. I really hope that you can get yours under control with the gluten-free diet. I should be getting my saliva results back any day now but I'm going to go gluten-free tomorrow -- fingers crossed. I completely dread it because it will leave me with 10 foods at the moment and when I remove grains from my diet, my blood sugar will fall too low :-( Hopefully, that will straighten out over time. How long do I have to stay on the diet before I can say whether or not it's helping me? Two -- three weeks? What's the average? Thanks. Sigrid
  13. Earlier today, I noticed that someone had answered one of my posts on the board and asked me if it was appropriate for children to be tested for celiac via saliva, if it was covered by insurance, and what the cost was. I must say that because I am in such a brain fog and in so much pain, having had a daily headache for the last YEAR, that I am overwhelmed on the board and keep losing my place. I just can't find that message so I will respond here and pray that the person who requested the info reads this. Sure, I don't see any reason why kids can't have the saliva test. It's just a matter of putting a little thing in the child's mouth, rolling it around for 60 seconds and making it wet enough to collect saliva. Should be quite a simple procedure. My insurance did not cover it but it is quite cheap -- $27 US and I'm in Canada. I think you could call the laboratory directly. They're called Diagnos-Techs, Inc. and they're located in Kent, Washington state. Phone number 425 -251 -0596. Ask if you need a doctor's requisition and if so, present the info to your doctor. Fingers crossed for you :-) Hope that helps :-) Sigrid
  14. Kathy Ann, that's really reassuring. Thanks so much for that. I know that my results were in because I got a statement from DiagnosTech asking me to contact my healthcare provider. Fingers crossed! It's kind of a no-win situation for me in that it's bad news if I have it and it's bad news if I don't. I'm afraid of the starving to death on the program because I can't add in new carbs because of my low blood sugar so this means eliminating my whole grain bread and Rye cracker. OTOH, maybe I will get an answer to the reason why I cannot stabilize my blood sugar and have all of my chronic fatigue, headache, feel like crap symptoms all the time. I really hope that you're feeling better now -- how long have you been on the diet? Best, Sigrid (very slow to respond to messages these days. Please excuse me. I've had a headache almost every day for a year which is making me mentally ill.)
  15. Are there certain lipsticks that are 100% gluten-free? Same with makeup and shampoo. I'ver been told lipstick is more important cuz we do kind of eat it (shudder) during the day. Thanks Sigrid
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