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  1. Well I went to my third Endo appointmeny today which did not result in any positive surprises. My last set of test show values falling in the normal range, so my Doctor said that she can not provide any prescription medication support for my pronounced thyroid and adrenal insuficiency symptoms due to legal and medical restriction. I expected this and discussed with her my self treatment following the guidelines on Dr. Rinds web site. She is behind me on this and said the over the counter supplements may well help. On a more positive note I have started takeing an adrenal supplement two weeks ago, at a dose which supplys 20mg of hydrocortisone spread out thru the day. This has shown a more than 1/2 a degree average tempreture increase on my daily tempreture chart. I'm deffinately feeling it too, not only feeling warmer with temps peaking at 98.6 but also better mental alertness, less muscle fatigue, a slight energy increase and a slight but noticable improvement in digestive tract and urinary tract function. The next step will be to determin which thyroid supplement I will use. So since seeking further treatment from a Holistic or Naturopathic doctor that would not be covered by insurance is beyound my budget right now, I will continue to determin my own course of treatment as I have done for the last six years.
  2. Here is some info I found very helpful and very informative from Dr. Rind's web site, he specializes in metabolic and edocrine disorders. I suggest you click on the link posted below to see the full graphic chart. I tried to copy and transfer it but only the text would transfer so it's not easy to read. It became clearer to me that many of my problems are related to adrenal insufinciency and low thyroid which I had long suspected but no Doctor had been able to recognize. There is a great deal more info on his site that explain Thyroid test readings, body tempreture abnormalities and much more. I'll be heading to my third Endo appointment next week with this source of info and hope she will be receptive. http://www.drrind.com/scorecardmatrix.asp Signs and Symptoms: Adrenal Fatigue vs. Low Thyroid Function Key: - generally absent; +possibly present; ++ often present; +++ always or almost always present Signs and Symptoms Adrenal > Mixed (1) < Thyroid Body Type Thin, can't gain weight > Gains easily,goes to tummy/hips first, very hard to lose < Weight gain, generalized or global, extremely hard to lose Face Shape Eyes, cheeks sunken when severe Normal Full, puffy around eyes Eyebrows Tend to be full Normal to sparse Very sparse outer 1/3 to 1/2 Tissue Around eyes Sunken appearance, may have dark circles Normal or some "bags" under the eyes Puffy around the eyes, often bags under the eyes Facial Coloring (2) Tendency to pallor, especially around mouth. In dark skin, it darkens around mouth, forehead, sides of face Pallor around mouth (more visible with light skin) Ruddy or rosy complexion, including around the mouth Hair quality Thin and wispy. May become straw-like or straighter. Dry. Falls out easily. Sparse on forearms or lower legs. Tendency to become sparse Tends to be coarse, sparse, may become wavy or curly (rare) or change color Nails Thin, brittle Break easily May be thick Skin Quality Dry, Thin, Finger-prints often "smoothed out" or flat/shiny and may have longitudinal wrinkles over finger pads (probable cause is low collagen level) May be thin, dry, bruise easily, poor healing. Poor healing, May bruise easily. Skin thickness is normal (not thin) Pigment Distribution Vitiligo (white spots or patches) in late stage. May tan too easily. In dark skin, darker on forehead, sides of face, around mouth and chin/jaw. Milder version of vitiligo (tiny white spots on arms and/or legs) and dark patches if dark skin. In pure hypothyroidism, vitiligo and hyperpigmentation are very rare. Connective Tissue Quality (ligaments, tendons, skin, hair, and nails) Lax ligaments or flexible (e.g. flat feet, double jointed). Joint strains/sprains are common. Mixed Poor flexibility. Fluids/Secretions Dry skin, little secretions. Can't hold on to water. Mixed, e.g. and dry body and oily face Good secretions. Skin may be oily. Tendency to fluid retention. Light Sensitivity or Night Blindness ++ + - After Image (e.g. seeing the image of a flash bulb or bright light moving by longer than others) ++ + +/- Typical Pains Headaches, migraines, muscles, carpal tunnel Muscles, carpal tunnel Occasionally joints, muscles, feet/lower legs Temperature Pattern (see Metabolic Temperature Graph) Thermal chameleon (hot when it's warm and cold when it's cool). Poor thermoregulation. Tends to low body temperature around 97.8 or lower. Fluctuating pattern. Fluctuating pattern, usually averaging 97.8 but can be lower Stable, non-fluctuating pattern, average can be from low 90's to a little below 98.6 Cold Intolerance +++ ++ +/- Heat Intolerance + ++ +++ Cold Hands / Feet +++ Happens often - Warm Hands / Feet (in spite of low body temperature) - Happens occasionally ++ Sweating May be excessive in early phase. Poor sweating in late phase. May appear normal Normal to increased, more oily than 'wet' General Reactivity: Emotional, physiological, etc. Hyper-reactive (over) Moderate Hypo-reactive (under) Immune Function Tendency to over-react results in allergies, sensitivities, autoimmune problems Mixed Tendency to under-respond results in infections (sinus, bladder, bowel, skin, etc.) History of EBV or Mononucleosis +++ ++ +/- Sensitivity to medications, supplements etc. Needs small doses ++ + - Intuitive (3). Picks up other peoples feelings (e.g. at malls, parties). ++ + +/- Personality Tendency: Humor +/- + ++ Personality Tendency: Serious ++/+++ ++ +/- Depression + ++ +++ Anxiety, panic attacks, worry, fear, insecurity, feelings of impending doom (any combination). "I thought I was dying..." +++ ++ + Obsessive Compulsive ++ + +/- Startle Easily ++ + - Tolerance to Change/Stress Poor Poor/Moderate Moderate Sleep Patterns Tendency to one or more: Insomnia, light sleeper, waking up at 2-4 AM, unrefreshing sleep May or may not have sleep disturbance Tendency to one or more: Sleepiness, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, unrefreshing sleep Mental Abilities Poor focus, clarity, concentration, short-term memory. 'Brain fog' Poor focus, clarity, concentration, short-term memory. Poor focus, clarity, concentration, short-term memory.
  3. Check out this web site http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com Read the Adrenal info and Thyroid and click the link to DRRIND.com for more info about glandular symptoms. Low adrenal function can cause muscle and conective tissue weakness. It plays a part in food intolerences and can be brought on by autoimune conditions and ill health in general.
  4. You are very fortunate Jebus to have an informed and proactive doctor. The Endo I saw first is the only one in my county. He recognized celiac and many of my other symptoms as a positive indicator for hypothyroid but he is very conservative and basicly said it's all up to the lab test results. Well that got the ball rolling anyway with the first round of test and no surprise the results which did not include a t3 level were not all normal but did not require treatment. My adrenal levels were off so another cortisol urine sample was ordered but no treatment was recomended. I'm now awaiting my third set of test and ultra sound results which do include t3 levels which were ordered by my new Endo. I won't be surprised if the lab numbers don't cry out for treatment, but I hope this Doc will treat the patient and the symptoms not the lab printout. She will prescribe Armour thyroid as the first endo would not even consider it that is a plus. Seems to me anyone with unexplained lomg term stomach, fatigue, low energy, body temp and other unexplained symptoms should be sent for endocrine symptom testing. Six doctors later none ever even mentioned it.
  5. Does anyone know the science behind this question, or atleast has an answer. ? I have read that t4 produced by the thyroid is not converted to t3 until it reaches the cells where it is needed. How or why is it that the Armour desicated thyroid in known to contain active t3 as well the other t hormones? Do pig thyroids produce high levels of t3 while humans produce primarily t4?
  6. I am curious to know how many have thyroid or adrenal problems? Were they diagnosed before or after your celiac diagnosis. I am a 44 year old male diagnosed in 2000 with celiac by a GI Dr. due to an extremely high antibody count for wheat gluten. I had suffered with stomach problems for several years and was so ill at diagnosis that I did not feel I could continue to function much longer. Stomach pain, diarrhea, cramps, neausea, weakness and constant hunger were my primary complaints, along with an assortment of aches pains and other odd little side effects. After going gluten free I slowly improved with digestive smyptoms eased but not even close to resolved. The GI doc said just stay on your diet you'll be fine, there's nothing else I can do for you. About 6 assorted docs said your test are normal you seem pretty healthy, you could almost laugh if you weren't so ill. I credit vitiamins and supplements that I had researched and took daily with keeping me from becomeing bed ridden. I had gotten few reasonable answers to my questions to the doctors and decided to continue my own research. Eliminateing all sugars and most carbs for two months plus adding a high quality probiotic made more of a positive impact than anything else I tried. I eliminated dairy, beans and cabbage and still found most any high starch food caused some problems. Gluten free products still caused gas and discomfort if high in sugar or starch or were generaly hard to digest. Five years later my diet is still very limited and minor to moderate digestive discomfort is still common along with soft to loose stools. Although most of the achs and pains are resolved or reduced, low energy, fatigue, cold intolerence, low body temp (96.4 in am)and reduced mental clarity are possibly worse over the last year. I'm on my secound endocrineologist as the first said my test results were ok, (doesen't that sound familiar) in spite of my results not all being normal and my list of associated symptoms. The lady endo I'm now seeing seems much more intrested in my case and said she would research celiac related thyroid conditions. Potatoes and rice are my main starches and I am aware that many of us have multiple food intolerences. I find that I feel fairly well for several days then have a bad day with no variation in my diet. I also notice that energy, muscle fatigue, cold intolerence and a generaly poor over all feeling useually coincide with stomach discomfort. This led me to look further into the glandular issues as a common source of multiple system disfunction. Since the Thyroid is the motivateing factor behind every cells function in the body and mine are deffinetly not working efficiently, I'm looking at that as well as the adrenal glands. The Adrenal glands dirrectly effect digestive function and absorbtion so they deffinately need a closer look. I have long suspected some adrenal problems and the first round of test did show higher than normal cortisol. So in consideration of glandular issues and being open minded to other possible paths of investigation I'm asking for your experiences, thoughts and theories related to Thyroid and glandular problems related to digestion. Thanks in advance, Ron
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