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  1. That's very possible! I did also notice that dairy started making me sick, so I wouldn't doubt that I wasn't digesting it properly, which led to acne. Perhaps you're not digesting another food group properly leading to your acne.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I meant any symptoms other than diarrhea. I rarely have that but I'm chronically constipated, which only seems to be mentioned with IBS, Celiac and non-celiac gluten intolerance.
  3. Actually, both allergists have. The first one I saw seemed concerned about it and thought that it might be causing my IBS. She told me to take wheat out for a week to see if anything improved. I did two weeks but didn't see any improvements - I just felt a bit different mentally. The allergist that I switched to now (he was the one who though I should be tested for celiac) also thinks wheat is what's causing my IBS but says that it'd take 3-4 weeks on the diet before I'd even see an improvement. He wanted me to start it after the holidays (now). When I did the two weeks off of wheat, I had some really bad cravings and withdrawl as well. Barley also showed up as a slight allergy but I haven't been told to avoid it. What I find interesting, is that I can't find anywhere online (WedMD, etc.) that says that food allergies can cause my symptoms or even just GI symptoms other than diarreah.
  4. I believe that dairy causes my acne (also bad). When I started feeling sick after eating milk and cheeses and cut it out of my diet, my acne disappeared. I always assumed it was due to my hormones as I'd get a worse breakout right before my period but when I stopped eating it, I found that my worst cravings for those products were right at that time.
  5. Thank you all so very much for the responses! I've been feeling so beat down, overwhelmed and unsure about all of this. I was so happy when I looked up what my doctor thought I had (celiac disease) and found that I had so many of the symptoms with such an "easy" cure. I was (and am) really let down when all of the blood tests came back negative. I can't afford an endoscopy, especially if my insurance won't cover it because of the blood test results. I'll be all for trying the diet one minute and then go back being not sure. Thankfully my boyfriend is very supportive; I just can't get over not having the diagnosis. I suppose that if my improvements on the diet are so great, it wouldn't matter what I have, as long as I continue feeling well. But to see if I have those improvements, I need to try the diet. Why do I feel so stuck on all of this.
  6. Well, unfortunately, my doctor is now saying that I have no reason to try a gluten-free diet because all of the test results came up negative. I asked about gluten sensitivity and he said there's "no way to test for a gluten allergy." He does want me to be on a wheat-free diet for a month as my allergy skin test showed positive for a moderate wheat allergy. He said that the two weeks I tried it before wasn't long enough to show any improvement in the areas that I have problems with (he knows about my GI problems but none of the other issues). I have a question for you all. The only thing I eat that's contains gluten other than wheat is beer, which I've stopped drinking since my previous wheat elimination because I found it made me feel really strange, tired, very moody and stuffy (which I thought was normal). Am I correct in thinking that as I don't eat rye bread (always has wheat flour) or store boughten soups with barley (usually thickened with wheat) or are there other sources of gluten that I'm not realizing?
  7. I finally got all of my test results in. It looks like everything is right smack dab in the middle of the normal ranges. I don't know why my tTG test results weren't there but I'll be talking to my doctor to find out. From what I've researched, nothing is even showing a possibility for a gluten sensitivity (unless I have incorrect information). IgG 879 (normal range 751-1600) IgA 173 (normal range 82-453) IgM 151 (normal range 46-304) EMA negative Does anyone have any comments/suggestions/opinions? I have to say, I'm kinda bummed. I was hoping that this would be what's up with me. Instead, now I feel like I'm just back to the IBS label and learning to ignore it all again. Before the tests, my doctor said that he wanted me to try the diet for a month even if the results were all negative for Celiac but why would that help if I'm not? I should be talking to him later today though.
  8. Oh how interesting... So celiac is really just a specific immune reaction to gluten sensitivity, not actually the technical name for gluten sensitivity. I'm glad to hear things that back up my one doctor's insistance for me to try the diet because it's the real test - I wasn't sure if he was correct. Perhaps I should have listened to him instead of asking to have the rest of the celiac panel test... I've eliminated foods from my diet on suspision of an allergy (later confirmed) and didn't think anything of it. I'm not sure why I'm so hesitant to remove gluten from my diet if it makes me feel better... although, since it's in everything, I guess I feel like I need a specific reason (other than "I just feel better when I don't eat it") in order to be taken seriously. "Gluten sensitive" I'm sure would make people think "allergy." Hm.
  9. I guess that would be correct; however, do I necessarily have Celiac (as opposed to a gluten intolerance/sensitivity) if the blood tests all come out negative or only the anti-gliadin test comes out positive? OK, that's good that one of my doctors seems to understand this. But again, it doesn't necessarily mean it's celiac, correct? Just a gluten intolerance/sensitivity (like an allergy?)? Yes. She didn't look very professional either - very bag ladyish - which is fine, but if you're in this profession, look the part? She also said how she wants to teach me to read my body and not rely on medications, yet the only thing she did for me was give me two RXs and instructions on mixing Milk of Mag with applesauce.
  10. I looked up information about gallbladders and found the following: Chronic cholecystitis (biliary colic) This is a chronic inflammation of the gall bladder and causes: * sporadic pains in the middle of the upper abdomen, or just below the ribs on the right side. * pain which becomes worse over an hour and then stays the same. * the pain may spread to the right shoulder or between the shoulder blades. * the pain can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and sometimes excessive wind. * the attack can last from a few minutes to two to three hours before getting better. * the frequency and severity of attacks is very variable. * attacks can be triggered by eating fatty foods such as chocolate, cheese or pastry. That's exactly what I experienced (except for the fact that I always felt much better after having a bm, but that wouldn't happen until the pain decreased enough for me to walk - or crawl). So precise that it's kinda scary. Why didn't my parents take me to a doctor? (Rhetorical question) All I'm finding is that it happens in older adults and is rare in children except for when they have: * Spinal injury. * History of abdominal surgery. * Sickle-cell anemia. * Impaired immune system. * Intravenous nutrition. I have scoliosis (spinal injury?) but none of the others.
  11. Thanks Hells Bells - I'm really trying to not go back to ignoring it all. I figure if it was uncomfortable enough for me to see doctors about it, I shouldn't stop just because I'm feeling this way - although it is tempting. While my GI doc was feeling around my stomach area, I asked her if what she was doing was supposed to hurt because it was incredibly uncomfortable. She responded by looking smug and saying that she learned to watch people's eyes for pain instead of relying on them to tell her since people often make it up. She never told me what my eyes were telling her, but it DID hurt and she made me feel like I was making it all up. Is a gluten intolerance basically gluten allergy? (Which may be why wheat and barley showed up on my allergy test? I didn't test for the other gluten containing grains.) Or is celiac just one type of gluten intolerance? I haven't. I guess I don't really know what my gall bladder does for me, so I never thought there might be an issue. If I'm remebering correctly, my pain when I was younger was always more pronounced on my right side. I live in WI and have always loved cheese (and drank nearly a gallon of milk/week), so finding that it made me sick (just a couple months ago) REALLY made me unhappy. Another question for anyone: Is improvement of symptoms on a gluten-free diet also proof of celiac or gluten intolerance?
  12. Thank you Ursula... it's really nice to hear someone tell me this. My family thinks I'm nuts, my doctors don't seem to really believe me (except for this new one who is actually the covering physician for the first allergist I saw - she's on vacation) and while my boyfriend is very supportive, he's getting understandably sick of hearing me talk about this. I feel like I missed out on a lot in my childhood because of "brain fog." I hadn't heard about it before but it makes sense. I didn't/don't have trouble learning... but for instance, I just couldn't grasp the idea of soccer, so I quit. Now that I'm a new college grad and in the working world, I'm having similar feelings only about my job - I just can't grasp some things but it's not that I don't understand it. ? Won't the anti-gliadin antibodies blood test show gluten intolerance if it's positive? Since it usually is even when the other tests are negative, so it's passed of as a false positive? I feel like I need some kind of diagnosis to tell people so I'm not looked at as crazy and to keep myself on the diet... I feel very lucky that my doctor wants me to try the diet regardless of what the tests say; however, he wants me to wait until after the holidays so it's a bit easier (and it'd be bad to have to explain to everyone why I wasn't eating). Thank you so much for the response... I really am just so unsure about everything right now.
  13. I also had strong reactions to all pollens, which *can* cause a skin reaction to wheat as they're related. Wheat and barley also showed up. Your doctor should have told you to try a wheat avoidance diet for 1-2 weeks and a challenge in order rule out an actual food allergy. I took wheat out of my diet for 2 weeks and didn't notice any changes, same thing when I added it back in. Talk to your doctor about trying a wheat avoidance diet for 1-2 weeks. At least you could rule out an actual food allergy then. You might as well get tested for celiac while you're at it too - but do this before going off of wheat.
  14. Hello - I could use some wise advice from all of you celiac-informed. I've always had "stomach issues." When I was in grade school, I would wake up in the middle of the night w/ horrible pain on of my sides, unable to straighten my legs or move. I wouldn't be able to sleep and sometimes missed the morning of school. Tylenol & a heat pad helped as did finally having a bm. Now I'll have times when I feel hot/cold, nauseous, painful cramps, feel like passing out but this happens very infrequently. I usually feel bloated/not empty, am always constipated and generally feel unwell/uncomfortable in that area, especially after eating. I often have headaches. I've also always felt "fuzzy" and couldn't/can't grasp things or think clearly often. Through high school to present, I've always had knee pain, which I thanked my years of dance for, but my GI doctor noticed and asked if I knew I had arthritis. I also have problems with anxiety. I was flippantly diagnosed with IBS almost two years ago (told to eat more fiber and destress, neither worked). I finally went to a GI doctor a couple of months ago and was again told I have IBS, only various blood tests were also ran - the ones that came back abnormal she said were due to a viral infection. She gave me medications and told me to come back after I'd tried them (I haven't yet). My lactose intolerance test came back negative even though milk and cheese make me feel sick to my stomach and *I swear* gives me acne (no allergy to dairy either). I also saw an allergist to pin point the allergies I've had my whole life. I reacted to wheat and barely on my skin test and was told to try a wheat-free diet for a week. I went for two weeks but nothing was different while off of it or when eating it again. I was then told I should be tested for Celiac and that even if the results come back negative to still try a gluten-free diet for 3-4 weeks. My IgA EMA came back negative. I asked to get the full panel, which he agreed on. I'm now waiting on the results for the Total IgA, tTG Iga and TgA IgG. He still wants me to try a gluten-free diet if it comes out negative. The point to all of this is, sometimes I feel like I should just suck up the bit of pains that I have and live a "normal" life. I feel like I'm making a bigger deal out of this than it really is. I feel like I'm being rediculous and winey and a hypocondriac, especially when I read how bad others' symptoms are compared to mine. I feel like I'm annoying everyone around me, making their lives harder and like I'm just trying to find *something* wrong with me so I can say "I have ______." One minute I want to be diagnosed celiac bc I'll know exactly what to do to fix me, while the next I don't and just want to be normal and forget about all of this again. And I'm afraid I'm going to have a huge medical bill even w/ my insurance all for something that could be "fixed" with doses of Milk of Mag. And what if my stomach uncomfort is just in my head or something that everyone deals with? Any comments? Suggestions? Advice? (Sorry this is so long) TIA.
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