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  1. I'm new here. I've basically been eating gluten free for about two years, with the occassional slip-ups and "accidents" along the way. It all started about two and a half years ago, when I started to notice that when I ate gluten, I had stomach bloating, upset, and my scalp and face would break out in the most nasty pustule-type things. It's very yucky. So, I tried an elimination diet, and it seemed to do the trick. Recently, I finally got health insurance and my doctor has ordered the Ig A, Ig G, and Ig A endomysial tests at my request, but now I need to know if I will need to purposefully ingest some gluten prior to testing, and if so how much prior to the testing, and could it just be one piece of bread? I really want to know definitively, but eating gluten long-term is soo hard on me. Plus, if I do test positive, what's the next step? I have my healthcare thru Kaiser and they tend to do the absolute minimum, so I need to know what I should be requesting from them next if it is positve. Thanks in advance. BTW, does anybody else get the pustule-things I mentioned? All I need to do is have one small slip-up and within 24 hours they are starting to pop up. Thanks in advance, Sarah
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