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  1. I think it is a myth that solids help babies stay full for longer. Most solid foods are not as dense in calories as breastmilk or formula (with the exception of avocado.) I think the waking up at night to eat is pretty normal. I know lots of babies that do that at who are over 1 yr. I think it is pretty normal for babies to be hungry all of the time too! My 13 month old and my friends' 13 month olds are constantly eating and i know several 13 month olds that still wake up 3 times a night (mine included.) I think that the sleeping through the night might be more of a learned behavior but am not sure.... That said...there could certainly still be something wrong with your little guy's digestion but as long as he is growing and gaining well i wouldn't worry too much about it. If you feel really worried though, i encourage you to trust your intuiton and talk to your doctor since you know your child better than anyone else!! (certainly much better than me lol) i know how tiring all the night waking is but you sound like you are doing such a great job! Your son is lucky to have such a patient and enduring mama! Great job!
  2. hi, i became concerned about my 13 month old son after both his weight and height started falling on the growth curves. The doctor said he needed to eat more and recommended that i feed him a high calorie foods every two hours. I noticed after i started solids that my son started pooping much more frequently (4+ times per day) and sometimes after he ate foods high in fat (such as avocado) his stools became very greasy. Anyway although the high calorie diet did not improve my babies growth yet (we've been on it for three months), the doctor wants to wait and see if his growth still improves in response to increased caloric intake before ordering any tests. I decided to start a gluten free diet to see if that could be the cause of the greasy stools (we've been gluten free for about a month now). After doing so his stools seemed to be formed (as opposed to loose) more of the time. Also it seems like his stools were greasy less frequently. I was not totatally convinced gluten was the culprit because sometimes his stools seemed normal before i went gluten free too. This week i have been noticing what seems like it could be grease very frequently. In addition his stools have been loose more frequently. I cannot think of any source of gluten that could be affecting my son and am starting to wonder if this "greasyness" i notice could be normal or due to an increase in fiber in his diet as opposed to any sort of health problem. Anyway the reason i am posting is because i really need some feedback from other parents who pay attention to their babies stools about whether or not my observations are actually a reason for concern. Here is a description of the greasy stool: The stool itself is soft but not usually watery. There is a significant stain that soaks into the diaper lining (varies in color from orange, yellow, grey, to brown) and sometimes actually soaks through to the out side of the diaper (which looks kind of like a shadow.) the stool does not usually stick to babies bum. Instead it peels off baby and diaper leaving a greasy residue on babies bum that comes off on the wipe and it leaves a very large stain on the diaper. So i am wondering if an increase in fiber could cause my baby to have stools like this... Do any of you parents whose babies eat lost of legumes, beans, brown rice, veggies, fruit, ever see these type of stools???? Could u please keep an eye out and let me know. I am really desperate for some advice. thank you so much.
  3. Hi I posted a while about my 12 month old whose growth has gradually tapered off. Anyway we've been gluten free for about three weeks. Just a couple days after both my son and i went gluten free his stools became more solid (just 1 soft stool per day instead of 3 or 4 loose stools) athough they were still very frequent (4-6 times a day.) Then i accidently gave him nori containing soy sauce with wheat and it seems like at that time his stools became more liquidy and larger. Anyway now we are back to gluten free and his stools are mostly solid, smaller and are even slightly less frequent (3-4 times per day.) Anyway because his diet has changed in other ways since going gluten free i am confused about whether or not the gluten is really the culprit though it certainly seems to as if it is. I am thinking it would be helpful to have some bloodwork ordered at his next appointment in two months to confirm it. I'm worried though about how adding gluten back into his diet might harm him and two months seems like a long time. What do you all think?? Does it sound to you guys like the gluten free diet has been helpful? Thanks so much in advance.
  4. hi everyone, I am just posting to say that my son has been gluten free since sunday and i have been gluten free since yesterday. Prior to this, my son ate very little gluten anyway. Maybe three times a week at the most he would eat a few cheerios, a small amt of bread or a teething biscuit containing gluten. I was trying to keep wheat out of his diet anyway but occasionally caved and gave him small amts. Does anyone know how long i should go gluten free before i expect to see results? thanks very much
  5. Great to know. i won't worry then until i have a better reason. thanks everyone for the replies....i don't think it peels but maybe...
  6. Hi I have itchy red bumps that often occur symmetrically on my elbows, calves, forearms and lower back. They do ooze when scrathed and get blistery sometimes. My doctor says it is excema. My son has been having very oily stools with poor growth and i have been wondering if he has celiacs so i have also started to wonder about my rash. The rash definately is worse if i take hot showers or baths. Anyway i can usually (not always) prevent the rash from occuring by using eucerin lotion with alpha hydroxy after every shower and i can get the rash to go away by using 1% hydrocortosone. If it was DH would these drugs not work??? Thanks so much!
  7. bad diarhea can cause low sodium levels because you lose electrolytes and water during bowel movements. When i tried to induce labor using castor oil i had horrible diarhea and my sodium levels were very low.
  8. Did any other parents notice greasy stools in their babies (who eat solids) or toddler as a sign of celiacs disease? You can see my description above if you need a graphic description.
  9. Hi thanks so much for your reply! It is so inspiring to hear that your son has improved after just a week of the gluten free diet! I am thinking we'll try it too. my son does not taste very salty so i'm hoping for celiac's or for the fact that i'm just imagining things! (but i don't want to be called crazy either) Thanks again for the response. I'd love to hear more experiences if anyone wants to share.
  10. Hi At age 9 months the doctor suggested that i start feeding my son a high fat diet so that he would gain more weight. He is now 12 months. He is still falling off the charts for weight (his rate of weight gain did not increase despite the high fat diet) and also now falling in length (he grew 1/2 a centimeter in length in three months). Our ped thinks it is too soon to order tests even though i have noticed greasy stools in my son. I have a family history of cystic fibrosis and suspect my son might have celiacs disease or CF. He does not have any respitory symptoms though really so i am leaning strongly in favor of celiacs. After starting solids his stools became much more frequent. He usually has a bm at least 4 time per day and they always seem to be very soft. The first time i noticed anything that seemed out of the ordinary regarding his stools though was after he ate avocado and he had a grease stain that completely soaked through the diaper. Be warned here is a stool description: After eating avocado: a colorless grey stain which soaks into the diaper liner and even saturates it and appears as a grey stain on the outside of the diaper. Water does not do this. (I compared oil and water on the diapers) The stool has sort of shiny appearence and is very soft but does not stick to either the diaper or my little one's bum. Instead a greasy residue comes off babe's bum on the wipe and the stool just sort of peels off the diaper leaving behind the greasy stain. It also gets really flat (the stool) and thin like a pancake or something. The stool tends to spread out over the whole backside of the diaper. Sometimes, after eating other high fat foods, the grease stain is yellow or orange instead of grey but again it is a stain that soaks into the diaper liner instead of sitting on the top of the diaper liner. Sometimes the stool is in the back of the diaper but it looks like there is a grease stain between the leg openings of the diaper in addition to grease stains associated with the stool itself." My doctor seems to think that my son's growth would be worse than it is if he was having a malabsorption problem. She also thinks that his stomach would be more bloated. I know that in CF, malabsorption is caused by pancreatic insufficiency (ie a lack of digestive enzymes). I also know that in CFers breastfeeding aids in absorption because the breastmilk contains enzymes that hydrolyze fats so sometimes breastfed kids with CF don't have dramatic declines in weight and growth until after they stop breastfeeding. My son, eats alot of solids but also still breastfeeds alot (at least 3 times a night plus at least every two hours during the day.) I am wondering if my son had celiacs would he be able to absorb nutrients from breastmilk due to the fact that breastmilk is so easily digestable??? Or would intestinal inflammation impair his ability to absorb any nutrients from breastmilk too? have any other parents here breastfed their babies with celiacs and noticed benefits because of it (such as less bloating, etc) Thanks so much!!
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