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  1. Hi: I'm also new here and am technologically challenged, so if this post is messed up, bear with me. I joined this message board with a specific question and was happy to see it hinted at in your post. (see below) I know that all mainstream opinion (i.e., in parenting magazines, your average medical professional, etc.) states that vaccines do not cause autism, but I wonder if a disease like celiac can PRE-DISPOSE a child to vaccine reaction, thereby lead to autism/autistic symptoms and the like. Does that make sense? I know vaccine reactions are relatively rare, but do the ones suffering reactions also have celiac disease? I tried to explain the distinction to a noted expert on vaccines in the Philadelphia area (Paul Offit) but couldn't get him to actually listen to/consider my question- he just rebuffed and dismissed me as some kind of anti-vaccine crazies. Any opinions or other related info would be very welcome.
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