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  1. Also, in case it's important... my restrictions are: grains (except rice), legumes, dairy, soy. So, I basically eat a lotta veg, some meat, eggs, but mostly fish/seafood, rice, nuts occasionally & less often fruit.
  2. I don't know if this has been discussed specifically, so let's see..... Every time - and I mean _every_ single time - I go out to eat, no matter where or when - I get sick the next day. It's almost flu-like... with the fatigue, D & V & aches/pains (all over) the next day (or two). I can go to Chipotle (an old fave) & ask for them to change gloves, get a new bowl (untouched) & one person fill it (rice, meat, tomato salsa, lettuce & cilantro ... no cheese, no legumes) and I'm ill the next day. I understand going to places like Outback (which seems to be a popular one on this thread) can have CC - no matter how many times I ask questions, show my card, give explicit blah-blah-blahs... ANY restaurant, ANY time (of day/year) I can guarantee being ill. Sadly, I have friends/family/coworkers who love eating out & I'm not one to talk about D&V at the dinner table - so they don't fully understand & I'm not gonna whine about "I'm gonna be excreting from every orifice tmrw!" EWW! LOL And many times these outings are expected (work/fam). Ideas? Recommendations? Yes, I usually eat prior to going out - even just ordering a salad makes me ill (yes I check the dressing, meat/seasonings, etc.) I'm not new to this. Just frustrated. And I've never been to a restaurant that permits me to bring in anything. I've had a couple embarrasing moments where the Mgr once asked me to leave & another told me never to bring anything in again. You'd think w/all the new info/research folks would be a little more understanding/compassionate. #frustrated #sick&tired :-(
  3. Only thing I ever get that's Amy's (frozen) is the Rice crust pizza (w/soy cheese). I next to never eat anything soy (due to thyroid stuff)... so I didn't think of that being an issue possibly. But even w/the Bob's Red Mill - I can eat say 2 biscuits or 2 pancakes - but more than that & I get the same reaction. I don't eat oats (never liked 'em anyway), so if the CC is the issue, maybe that. It's an issue enough, I simply won't be buying that pizza again. I had Glutino's pizza (w/real cheese) & it was good, but same issue and serious blood sugar reactions. I know I can't eat any rice pasta b/c of the sugar issues I get from even half a serving (with a meat sauce, for example) even. Maybe, I need to stay away from all rice?? That means the only 'grain' I'll be eating is corn products, as others I don't like, can't eat, or don't settle well (like quinoa).
  4. Ok, I've been gluten-free for a couple yrs now & feel pretty confident that I'm mostly aware of hidden wheat/gluten. I was wondering if anyone has noticed GI problems when eating "gluten-free" foods (a la Amy's brand, which uses mostly rice flour)? (pain, bloating, the infamous 'D' - up to 2 days after eating) I've used bob's red mill flours to make biscuits, pancakes, etc. and haven't had much of an issue (unless I eat more than one or two portions in a day). I don't use these products frequently (maybe once a month - if that!), I eat real foods otherwise (fruits, veggies, protein, fats). Any ideas? cSuzie
  5. thanks for all your replies. i'm not on here daily, but i do read replies when i get a mail. you all have calmed my mind!
  6. So I've been gluten-free for almost a whole year & can't begin to describe the relief (tho I'm sure you all know!). So, things are good... I do have a concern, though, as I've noticed (I keep a food journal) that my diet consists mostly of protein then fats & veggies/fruits. I don't follow any particular "diet" but my diet is looking more & more paleo (but I still eat beans & other things they dont, I've discovered thru research). Nothing against the diet, as I know very little about it, but I do wonder about having such a high protein diet & if there really are health concerns related to that. I eat protein w/every meal, next to no processed foods (unless you count string cheese or yogurt as processed). The "gluten-free" processed foods i stay away from, except for the few times a year gluten-free bread mix. But, I do eat plenty of veg/fruits... though I ought to increase my grains (I'll eat oats, rice & corn - not much else as i don't have a preference for them). Another smaller issue I have is inability to eat _enough_ calories in a day. I eat so much protein or fiber-filled foods (veg/fruit) I'm not really hungry - but my food log is showing I'm getting like 1200 cal's a day. Advice? Anything you all can share/enlighten would be much appreciated... Thanks for reading. =)
  7. Just wondering if anyone's tried Dad's Gluten Free pizza crusts or any other of their products? If so, what's your review of it? I still don't even know if it's available anywhere around me (midwest). thanks!
  8. It's been less than a year for me having been gluten-free, but I've noticed, in this short time improvement (not all out cure though) of my low thyroid (hair's growing back & not falling out all the time), more energy, fibro's almost disappeared... most importantly for me, exercise (which I love) is easier! Not so much b/c I'm in less pain, but I feel like I've got the energy to keep on moving, whereas before, on a gluten-based diet, I'd be half way through a workout & be ready for a nap... sometimes even falling asleep immediately after a full hour workout. Now, I don't get that. I too have noticed improvements & changes in my nails, hair, skin, ability to taste food, less pain, more mental focus, better rest. Yay for gluten-free!
  9. The whole thing was a lifestyle change (in more than just food) for me. I craved sugar (ate a lotta candy for carbs/calories) when I changed over b/c I wasn't hungry... or if I was, all I wanted was sugar. After months now of being gluten-free, I'm getting used to the changes and learning to eat more. Sometimes I force myself to eat a "big" meal (big for me is still small... I can be full on a burger (no bun) or a bowl of rice w/egg (maybe about a cup to cup & half of rice). I've noticed I eat less and less often, not feeling as hungry as I used to now that I think my body's getting healthier. But there are still plenty of times all I think of doing is eating crudites, corn chips, popcorn... whatever's sitting around & easy to eat "right now" and whenever I happen to pass or think about it. It's a gradual change... take it in small steps. I still am. But I still enjoy every now & again a "dinner" of just popcorn - one of my fave snacks! No more a "no other option" meal. Hugs!
  10. I've tried Bob's Red Mill's "all purpose" gluten-free flour and I know (but haven't tried yet) King Arthur's french loaf (in a box). A friend of mine (who's daughter is gluten-free) loves KingArthur products.
  11. I always preferred crusty bread anyway... great for dipping in olive oil. Yum! I bought a loaf of Udi's I think it was - as it was most recommended - and found I didn't mind it, as I missed toast. It reminded me of Irish Soda Bread, with it's density. So, I didn't really mind that. But, I'll probly not have a sandwich - unless it's corn-tortilla or lettuce wraps. I'm getting started on my baking efforts this wkend... I'll share my results. Thanks btw for all the responses... it's really not the end of the world, it's a new start and a better, healthier life!
  12. After DX: GI/potnetial Celiac - I went for quite some time being depressed - about food. Meals were a hassle, popcorn became a staple for dinner b/c I was too tired/depressed/ignorant what I could/n't have. Now, a little over 6 months into being gluten-free, I'm finally starting to tackle baking. I'm near tears at this point, having been looking at recipes - with a cabinet full of gluten-free baking supplies - because it's really easy. I'm using an all purpose pre-mixed (guaranteed) gluten-free flour - and the few things I've missed (cornbread, scones, toast mostly) are so easy to make, cheaper to make at home. It's silly really, to think that I'm this emotional about having bread dipped in olive oil & fresh herbs or a slice of cornbread and a meal to accompany it that takes me back to my childhood. But it's amazing how much gluten-free stuff there is now, and how easy it really is to make. Baking and prep'ing on weekends - something I've not done in some time - is now back on the list. And it's relatively cost effective. Thanks for reading.
  13. Quite hot here too... but did a taco salad bar @ home all the fixin's you could want. Now, green tea as an after dinner drink.
  14. so about a year ago i decided to cut out all processed flour products... bread, pasta, most desserts, etc. i was on a pretty good exercise regimine too... i was feeling good... even better when i stopped eating processed foods. so, i noticed within a week i had lost a lot of (water) weight. no biggie... then after a couple months i had actually lost (fat) weight. of course i felt lots better. but then i got lazy & that's how that ended. so, about a month ago i decided to experiment. i've had serious problems for the past few years with my bowels (very loose - multiple times a day!). it's embarrasing, unnerving and VERY inconvenient. well i felt constantly bloated & wanted something to lose the weight i felt i was carrying around. i felt heavier than i looked ... perhaps the water. so i went back on this diet... no processed foods, no flours (except rice or potato) and tried to stay away from as much gluten as possible. (pardon my ignorance in the differences between wheat flour & gluten... if there is or isnt a difference.) so, i noticed - again - i lost a lot of water weight initially... and with exercising again i was losing fat weight. then only after about 3 wks i got lazy & it's super hard to pack a lunch w/variety when you're not used to it. i was tired of apples, oranges, salads and baked potatoes as my breakfasts and lunches. here's what i'm asking..... as i dont know & read/hear conflicting stories... or maybe it's individual. does one w/celiac problems gain or lose weight while ingesting the gluten / flours? i just thought it odd that i felt bloated when i'd eat a sandwich, but after a couple days of no flour, veg's, fruits, grains, nuts mainly... i felt energized - albeit hungry all the time! Thanks
  15. okay, first, i'll say i dont know if i've got celiac or not... but i've been testing w/diet/foods lately... my Dr isnt quite listening at this stage - so i thought i'd do this myself. now... i'm a veggie... that's picky enough & i HATE asking restaurants to make special things for me... especially when so many people are ignorant - i'm sure you all can relate! i've heard "fish isnt meat" or if i ask for no eggs or no cheese (as i'm lactose intol. too) they look at me funny. the best i heard was on a caesar salad "bacon isnt really meat". *lol* so now i have this strange feeling about asking a restaurant for veggie AND gluten stuff. yeah, they wont mess that up! *not* any ideas or recommendations?
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