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  1. Hi, I was just reading the toothpaste information. My son was diagnosed a year ago, but he continues to have stomach problems. He is also lactose intolerant so it is impossible to know what causes his stomach aches. I thought we were doing a good job, but now I found out medicines and toothpastes are suspect. How do you know if a perspribed medication is OK. He was just on antibiotics. Are there ingredients to look for in medicines? Another question is caramel color and food starch. I just saw a presentation from Dana Korn who insisted they were now considered OK. Then I see in various other publications that they are not since you don't know if they are producedin the U.S.? Does anyone know? thank you for your help, Sally
  2. My 6 year old son was just diagnosed with celiac as well and we are trying to figure out what to eat. He is a very picky eater and likes very few fruits or vegetables. It is even more challenging to find food now. The bread we've tried is terrible. I think the cereal is too, but luckily he likes it. Also, I'm frustrated because the breads/cereal seem to have no nutritional value at all - 1 g of fiber in most of the cereal. My son is the only one in the family with celiac - we've been tested. I hate to make him feel left out and eating "special" foods alone, but I would rather have my 3 yr old eating high fiber cereal and bread. Plus, it's too expensive! My biggest problem is that I have no idea what products are OK. I found lists from various websites listing products, but then when I read the ingrediants I see "modified food starch". Conversely, I find other products that seem to be gluten free, but I have no real way of knowing. I'm so confused. I also need to be able to tell school what is OK and what is not, but I don't know myself. Also, we want to do holiday baking this week. Does it work to just substitute gluten-free flours into normal recipes. I haven't tried anything yet. Any advice for a new celiac mom is welcome. thanks
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