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  1. I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Concord NH on November 24, 2008. They no longer serve gluten-free bread. I was told that Corporate said they could no longer serve. I'm sure it was risky for them. They did have a variety of gluten-free menu items with their own menu. It was tasty.
  2. Just got back from my trip and I'm so happy to tell you all about a great experience I had at Taqueria Canonita at the Venetian. Before leaving I wanted to email that restaurant because it's always been one of my favorites and I wanted to make sure they had time to accommodate me. I looked at the Venetian website and you can make a reservation online. So I did with my request in the comment section that I needed would need recommendations on a gluten free meal. I hadn't heard back but decided to mention it when we arrived. When our waiter came to the table he said "I understand there is a gluten free request at this table." He went over the menu with me, made some recommendations and when I asked about a meal he didn't recommend he said he would have to check the "allergy book". This made me feel very comfortable and totally relaxed about eating there. The meal I had (roasted pork in a banana leaf with black beans and cilantro rice) was one of the best meals I've ever had. We went back as our last meal on our vacation because it was so good. I highly recommend them!!! Also rainforest cafe chef came out to speak to me but I wasn't really into what they had to offer. (plain salad with a grilled chicken breast).
  3. Thanks so much for the replies! I have been eating out (I travel a lot) but I always wonder if the kitchen has any idea. I'll try the B12 and trying all natural to see if it helps. Thanks! Nikki
  4. I was diagnosed in February. Since I have changed my diet I have been lethargic, weak, tired all the time and last night had a sever ache in my right leg (like growing pains). I never experienced symptoms (only diagnosed because of family history) but since going gluten-free I feel like now I have symptoms. Is this a stage for newbies or normal? Am I being contaminated and now can feel the effects? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks, Nikki
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