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  1. I'm moving, and taking care of some other important orders of business like school. I cannot start eating gluten again; I was basically just wondering if the blood test is even worth doing if I've been gluten free for a week or two?
  2. As a child I was always underweight and hyper for the most part, due to ADHD. When I turned 17, I'm a 20 year old male now, that all changed. I gained weight, and became fatigued. It set on slowly, and trying several things I noticed I had a very low body temperature. I was put on thyroid medication despite my tests being normal, and i showed a great improvement. However, the thyroid medication did not completely remedy all of my symptoms. I went on a gluten free diet a few weeks ago, for about a month. I started showing definite improvements, and I felt better than I have in years. Then I went back on my normal diet, which was still healthy for the most part. Over the course of about a week, I noticed I wasn't feeling as good as I did. So I went back on the gluten free diet, and I'm feeling better... again, however there are a few problems. I've never shown a lot of intestinal problems, I've got intermittent diarrhea but it's not consistent and it's probably once every two weeks. My GI did a fecal fat test, and it came back negative. Like I said, at the moment I'm not 'overweight' as I'm only about 185. However before the 'weight' gain that I described above, I was about 130. So I gained over 50 lbs., over the course of this ordeal. My mother's side of the family definitely has not had optimal health. My older sister has a bad case of autoimmune disease, including RA. My aunt says she's allergic to about 6 different kinds of food including shellfish, soy, and legumes. Most of my mother's brothers/sisters were very overweight, where my sister with RA is very, very underweight. My father's side is the opposite, very skinny and athletic. So... I've been on the gluten free diet for about a week and a half now, and I'm feeling better. However, after talking to my GI about the possibility of Celiac, he wants me to do a antigliadin test and similar blood tests to check for antibodies. I'm under the impression that since I've been on the gluten free diet, that even if I have celiac this test will come back negative. A negative test here, by me, may convince my family (who I want to be thoroughly tested) that Celiac isn't involved. What should I do?
  3. Update: I don't actually have Sjogren's at all, it's hypothyroidism.
  4. How long did it take? I was gluten free for one month and I could've sworn I started feeling better, but towards the end of the 1 month mark I didn't feel so well for 3-4 days.
  5. The arthritis hasn't hit me yet; even so my main complaint is the dry skin that is supposedly accompanying my Sjogren's. It's only on my face, and tips of my fingers but it's annoying having to put on tons of moisturizers (all of which don't see to do much good). Not only that but it has interfered with some of my hobbies like diving. 45 minutes in salt water + dry skin = disaster. It is also annoying, sometimes it feels like someone has pulled a plastic bag over my face it feels that tight and I'm only 20. I also don't have bad GI problems like you guys. For the last three years I've had intermittent diarrhea that happens once every 2 weeks for around 2-3 days, and sometimes everythings normal and the other times it looks real weird. Milk makes things much, much worse but even without milk these things just randomly happen. I also get very fatigued after ingesting certain foods. I was taking some fish oil supplements, and 30 minutes after taking them I got diarrhea and felt very fatigued. Maybe i'm also allergic to seafood, but I'm hoping that's not the case as I live in Louisiana . Anyway I'll keep you guys posted and thanks for the support. Edit: How long did it take to notice an improvement for those that have had alleviation in their autoimmune/arthritis symptoms?
  6. Most Celiac cases that I've been reading show signs of immediate reaction to gluten. This isn't the case with me, even when I went off the gluten-free diet and started eating normal foods again it was around 4 days before I showed any signs of feeling worse.
  7. I am actually hoping I have Celiac. You guys probaly don't hear that often, however... My grandmother was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and she's coped with it most of her life. She has told me that she has an allergy to wheat and fish, but I'm not sure if it's just a intolerance or whether it could actually be Celiac. My mother developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at a young age, and hers went into long term remission at around age 25. My oldest sister has recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and hers is bad, very bad. It's to the point that she can't leave her house now... Since no Sjogren's specific antibodies were found in my blood, it shows that the disease is accompanying another autoimmune disease. My ANA was low at 1:40, but the pattern was Nucleolar which could possibly develop into Sclerodoma (worst case scenario). My only chance of Sjogren's going into remission really is for the cause to be celiac-related, and since there is a very close relationship between celiac and autoimmune diseases i remain hopeful. According to studies over 15% of Sjogren's patients turn out to be celiacs. I'm definately lactose intolerant. I've got intermittent loose bowels (most float and look fatty from what I can tell), they happen randomly and I've been unable to pinpoint them to any certain types of food. With the onset of my 'symptoms' I've gained about 35lbs, have no abdominal pain, and I don't notice any immediate reaction to gluten. I tried a gluten free diet last month, the dryness from Sjogren's actually responded but this could just be due to the random nature of the disease itself. Some days I felt absolutely great, better than I've ever felt, and I lost about 10lbs (could be attributed to eating healthier). Before going on the diet my weight would change 4-6lbs over the course of hours. I have a biopsy in two weeks, so I decided to start eating normal foods again so not to tamper with any results, and I didn't immediately notice any symptoms. I haven't felt so great though in the past few days. It's odd though, I'll randomly get bad diarrhea out of nowhere, and it's definately not (immediately) after I've ingested anything like milk or gluten. According to the study, the SS patients who did not have Celiac had intestinal damage of other origins so that could be the culprit. However it'd be nice to find out that Celiac is causing the string of autoimmune diseases in my family, even though it may be unlikely.
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