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  1. We stay at the Gaylord every Christmas. Which resturant?
  2. Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I've been around, but wanted to check in. Pretty much status quo here. I'm just waiting for March when we can try to get pregnant again. I was skimming through and had to comment on this. I couldn't agree more. My insurance company denied my claim for the heavy metal chelation, thyroid testing and everything else that was done to get me well. They said 'Aetna considers laboratory testing medically necessary for heavy metal poisoning for members with specific signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity and/or a history of likely exposure to heavy metals. Aetna does not consider screening for heavy metal poisoning medically necessary for members with only vague, ill-defined symptoms (e.g., fatigue, dysphoria, malaise, and vague pain) and no history of likely heavy metal exposure. No clinical records were submitted documenting a coverable condition.) They also mentioned something about Genova Diagnostics test panels as being 'experimental and investigational'. They said there's no evidence that they affect the management of afflicted individuals. Welllll all of this is what FINALLY helped me. This same insurance company has spent tons o' $$$ on other things that never helped me. So it's just an illusion of healthcare. If they admitted that the amalgam fillings in my mouth were exposure to heavy metals I guess that would open a whole can of worms they aren't willing to admit. It infuriates me. So many of us go for so long suffering just 'cause no one wants to admit the reality of the situation. Sorry I'm done with my rant. I'm off to try and catch up a little.
  3. I had the same non-responsive experience with this lab back in July 2007. After 4 months of no results and no response to emails or voice mails I filed a charge back on my credit card. They never disputed it. So luckily I got my money back. I was only out the frustration of not receiving the results.
  4. Just got back from my post-op check up with my OB. All is well again. So now we wait 3 cycles then we'll try again. I stopped taking the Chlorella since it was causing my neck so much issue. My neck is back to normal now. It did get much better once I increased the dose, but I still had a little 'crick' in it so decided I'd just stop. I also decided to not take the Humaworm. I'm focusing on staying where I'm at and not stirring anything else up. I actually feel about 90% since just having the amalgams removed, 2 IV chelations, work I did on my adrenals and thyroid meds adjusted. I gave up coffee when I found out I was pregnant. I still haven't started that back up again. I'm sure that has to be helping my adrenals as well. So if I stay at this level I believe I'll be healthy for my pregnancy. I'm happy to read about your progress Rachel, Carla and your daughter Chloe. Julie, I wanted to mention that I too used to wake up with my hands numb. That is one of the things that led me on this most recent path. I went to my doctor and she tested me for carpal tunnel. She said it wasn't that. Then she checked the stiffness in my neck. She said sometimes your tension in your neck can cause your hands to go numb. She didn't feel like that was my issue either. Then she mentioned if it didn't get better she would suggest an MRI. That's when I found the new doctors I was working with. After they adjusted my thyroid meds, removed my amalgams and did the chelation I have had no more problems with my hands going numb at night. I tend to believe it was the mercury that was causing my problem. Jin, I'm anxious to hear how your Lyme testing goes. Sorry to hear you had to postpone your tooth extraction. Kassandra, I can't wait to hear how your appointment went. I'm also glad you are finally getting the iron IV's you have needed.
  5. I am still having neck pain. It is very stiff and painful. My neck is normally tight and occasionally painful, but usually a good massage from my husband will ease the pain. Now it seems like nothing I do will ease the pain. I have put heat on it, husband has massaged it multiple times, detox baths...nothing seems to help it. This all started when I started the Chlorella. I upped my dose of Chlorella a couple of times. It seems to be better today. But, still not 100%. I'm trying to decide if I should just stop taking it. I'm not having any other ill effects from it. So my thought is that it has stirred up something in my neck. I'd like for it to be moved out and not just stop taking Chlorella and whatever 'it' is be redistributed or just stay stuck in my neck. Yesterday was the last time I upped my dose to 9 capsules. I was thinking about trying that dosage for a few more days along with detox baths. I may try to get in for a massage too. By Wednesday if my neck is still hurting I guess I'll give up on the Chlorella. I have my Humaworm, but I'm not taking it until I can get this neck thing figured out. If it turns out that I have to stop taking the Chlorella I won't take the Humaworm at all. I don't want metals to be stirred up and not have anything to bind them and move them out. And ideas from the experts? What could cause such neck pain?
  6. Rachel, Thanks for the info. I upped the dosage today and my neck is somewhat better. It's still hurting me though. Maybe I'm just tolerating it...I got the chlorella recommended by Dr. Mercola. Here's what he says about it. 'The chlorella I recommend and offer is distributed by Vibrant Health Research and produced by Yaeyama, a company with over 35 years experience in chlorella research and growth, and known worldwide for its high quality and purity. ChlorellaThe chlorella is ecologically grown in mineral-rich mountain spring water in the pure air and sunshine, without any pesticides. Concentration and purity meet the most rigorous Japanese health standards. It contains no sugar, starch, or artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.' I'm going to try with the increase dose for a bit longer. If my neck doesn't improve I may just not be able to take it.
  7. I hope everything goes smoothly for your Kassandra. I'm glad you're finally getting the iron that you need. Ok, now I'm really going to wait until this neck pain goes away to start the Humaworm. I'd like to have only one weird pain at a time if I can help it. Bummer. I sure hope he can get home soon!
  8. I hope he stays safe and is able to get back home soon.
  9. Humaworm arrived today. Guess I'll wait and start it over the weekend... I have a question about Chlorella. I started taking it Friday. I started just one capsule, because I've read to start slow. I should work up to 3. Yesterday my neck started hurting sooo bad. It's really stiff and sore. My neck and shoulder muscles are normally tight. But, this is to the extreme. Could this be detoxing from the Chlorella? Would that mean the toxins are not being released, but just stirred around maybe? I'm gonna take a bath with dead sea salts, epsom salts and some essetial oils to see if it helps.
  10. Actually, no. She said that he is hitting the early stages of puberty at the right age. I was a little surprised, but he will be 12 in March This is exactly what I did. But, I alternated am & pm within the same stack. I then took the first 2 containers off the top each morning and took them to work with me. Then I would take the top section after breakfast and the second second after lunch. It works out really well.
  11. My Humaworm has shipped I received my Chlorella the other day so I'll be ready to get started once my shipment arrives My husband is really grossed out by the whole idea. I was going to show him the Dr. Nutura site to REALLY gross him out, but I refrained
  12. Sarah, I quite smoking over 15 years ago by being hypnotized. I was so addicted. I smoked 2 packs a day. This was back when you could smoke in your office. I would sit in my office and just smoke away all day long. I went once to a hypnosis seminar. It was held in a hotel ballroom type thing. That only worked for about 3 months. Then I went again when I was really serious. I was tired of spending the money, I could tell my clothes smelled bad when I would visit my mom's non-smoking, clean house and we were about to move office buildings and it was going to be necessary for me to go down 12 floors to smoke. The second time I went to a hypnosis clinic. It was still in a group setting. I took 2 friends with me. They gave me a tape (yep before compac discs) to listen to at night as reinforcement. I think I only did that a week or so. I never smoked another cigarette after I left that session. There were times at first that I wanted one, but never enough to actually light up. Kassandra, I'm hoping your LLMD appointment works out for you. April Good luck at the pediatric endocrinologist. My oldest son is being seen by one, but for short stature. She did a ton of testing on him. Right now we're in the wait mode. She will see him again in April since when we went last month he was in early puberty, he's 11 will be 12 in March. She's hoping the puberty hormones will cause a growth spurt. Otherwise, he'll be on human growth hormones until he stops growing. In the testing she did it came out that he is low on vitamin D. So we've been pushing milk more and making sure he gets out in the sun as much as possible. Completely different situation than you're dealing with, but I hope the testing the endocrinologist does will help.
  13. I am home and feeling fine, just a little tired. Thank you all for your positive support through this whole thing. I think this is now behind me and I can focus on moving forward
  14. I have to go in tomorrow for a D&C. What they did yesterday didn't work. I really, really wanted to avoid this. I did everything to avoid it, but looks like it's necessary. I'm a little scared. I hope they don't do any damage. There's always that possibility. I'm trying to be as positive as I can. I'm still amazed that this is all happening.
  15. I am so ready for this to be over. Warning that there may be TMI in the following post... I miscarried on Thanksgiving day. I went for another follow up today with my OB. I expected to go in have a sonogram and blood drawn and told everything was fine. Wrong! Apparently I didn't completely miscarry. There was still some in the lining of my uterus that needs to come out. She placed Cytotec vaginally. I had to lay there for 1 hour for it to be absorbed. Now in the next 5-7 hours I should begin cramping and bleeding more. I'm very thankful my doctor is so thorough, but I just want this all to be over. They drew blood to get my hCG count. I go back Thursday morning for another sonogram and blood draw. She said she will follow me until my hCG levels are back to zero. I have been told to wait 3 months before trying to conceive again. I asked her again about this and she said again that it's necessary to wait prior to implantation so there is a 'good home' for it to grow. So I'm trusting her on this and going to wait. This has been such a roller coaster and I'd like to get off now.
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