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  1. Heh, I've seen that, but I'm wondering if they started with grain spirits like gin or something. Ouzo is 40% ABV; a rather high alcohol content for something made from herbs and grapes alone. I've finally made it a month without getting sick, and I'd hate to celebrate only to start over. -Dan
  2. Hi folks. I've read that ouzo is safe, but I was wondering if anyone here has tried it without issues. God I've been CRAVING a glass of Ouzo 12 on the rocks -Dan
  3. I met with my algergist the other day. I had made an appointment before my blood test came back positive for the antigens; we were still figuring it out. His wife has had celiac for 30 years, and after telling him my symptoms, he was not totally convinced. 1) the first round of antigen tests was neg, the second was positive. 2)Very Atypical symptoms and neg bioposy. 3)Posibility of bacterial infection. and lastly, the gastro never bothered to check for the gene that expressed celiac. This one got me. Why DIDN'T they check that? It's the ONLY way to be sure, as it is a genetic conditon. It will take a few weeks to send the blood from Massachusetts to Texas, but I will know for sure. He said that there are two genes; either one alone is a 30% change, both is 60% (90% with my positive diet response). I guess that Irish and Mediterranean people are more at risk. I happen to be both, but we'll see. Just thought I'd share this and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.
  4. AB makes a gluten free beer! Made from Sorghum. As a self-confessed beer snob, I was so excited, but so worried. I like Belgium ales, domestic microbrews, brutally hopped IPAs. What would this be like? Not bad. Not bad at all. Tastes, smells, pours like a beer. At 8.50 a six pack, about what I'd pay for something I'd usualy drink. I'm on my second six pack (not at once!), and I havn't been sick yet, so it's kosher for me at least. So drink up boys and girls! It's good!
  5. Hey guys. I've been gluten-free for a little over 2 months now and have been feeling better. However, twice in that time I've been sick, and I KNOW it was from gluten (same pain, etc). Is something like this normal? I figgured it was leftover, or something occult like micro amounts in chapstick and toothpaste or what have you. Whjat do you guys think? -Dan
  6. Hey all. I had some trouble this weekend, and the only new food that I wasn't 100% sure of was Cedar's Stuffed Grape Leaves. The ingredients didn't list wheat, but I fogured I'd ask around. Also, I cook with an Indian spice called garam masala. Is that gluten-free? Thanks, -Dan
  7. Hey there. Yes they did a biopsy, and looked for H plyori and other bacteria. All came back neg/unremarkable. Even if the gluten test comes back neg, I'll continue the gluten-free diet because if it makes me feel better, that's all that matters in the long run
  8. Hey folks. I'm male, 25 years old, and live in the US. I've had this lower GI condition since May of 06. It started with a slight cramping/nausea feeling while eating. From there, it progressed to these horrible cramping pains along my belt-line. With it came frequent and cramping BMs, and then constipation, then epic, cramping BMs. Now, I've got quite a pain tolerance. I've broken knees, had serious burns, even had things under my fingernails, but this lower cramping beats all. Worst of all, it would seem to come out of the blue, almost like an attack. I racked my brain trying to figure out what is was. I cut meat, dairy, alcohol, chocolate, and all fatty and processed foods from my diet. Granted vegan diets like this can lead to weight loss, but I have lost over 40lbs since May of 06. I had an endo and colonosocpy done. The endo showed gastritis (inflamation of the mucosal lining); this was also shown on the GI follow through test, which also suggested some "spasms". They tested for bacteria and viral infections, both neg. They asked me about celiac, but considering that grains and rice and such were staples of my diet, we didn't pay it much thought. Though, despite the diet, the negative findings, prilosec OTC and sucrafate, I was still getting sick. Then a friend sugested it could be a gluten intolerance. It's been a few days now without any gluten and so far I feel better. I have since made an appointment with my PCP to test for gluten intolerance/celiac disease. No one in my family has any of these symptoms. Prior to this, I could eat anything I wanted. The only triggers I could think of is that I was under HUGE amounts of stress, sleep dep, and probably drank a bit much to compensate. Does this sound like it could be gluten related? Can an intolerance just "appear" out of the blue like that? Could things set it off? Any info/feedback would be great. Thanks a bunch, -Dan
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