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  1. Coffeemate in the US is clearly labeled dairy free and gluten free - they have a ton of flavors and are delicious. Not sure if they're available to you there in Canada but I hope so!
  2. Just wanted to give anyone a heads up to be careful when eating here. When I first found out about it - I was so excited because I thought the pizza was fantastic! I started ordering from there all the time. There were MANY times that they sent me a regular crust, NOT a gluten-free crust (obvious because the gluten-free crust is thin and the regular is not). The first time it happened I called to make sure they hadn't changed the crust but the person I spoke to explained that same thing about thick/thin crust. It's a lucky thing I called! It happened so often that I think they started to believe I was making it up because the last time I called the manager said they would send a driver to pick it up before they would send me a new one! They picked it up and I was right- NOT gluten-free.
  3. I know what you mean! I love pizza and yesterday went to a party at a pizza/sports bar - there were yummy looking pizzas no matter where I turned!!!!! Ughh it was torture!!! I'm going to make a yummy pizza that I can have tonight!! Know how you feel! Laurie
  4. I went to Cancun a couple of years ago and actually found it VERY easy to eat there. From what I found, they use corn in everything instead of the gluten-y stuff that we use here in the US. I never got sick and they never made any modifications for me (I ate at big places in the touristy areas and at the little local places). Most Mexican places here use wheat instead of corn like they do in Mexico... Have a fun trip and good luck! Laurie
  5. Hello - I wanted to get some feedback from anyone who might have experienced what I am going through right now. For the past week I have had horrible back pain, body aches and fatigue but no fever. I feel awful! I went in for a urinalysis because the back pain feels like it's radiating into my sides so they thought I could have a kidney infection but that came back normal. Now my doctor wants to see me today but I'm worried about it. I'm guessing a lot of you may feel the same way - that you were sick your whole life until they finally tested you for celiac and figured out that pretty much all your problems stemmed from that! They finally tested me at age 22 but until then I was so sickly with all kinds of weird things (for several years I went to about 11 doctors on a regular basis). Now I'm 30 and have really been very healthy up until the past year to year and a half (only a regular doctor and a gynocologist for check-ups! woo-hoo!!). I was having GI issues and went through a bunch of testing (all normal!) and now I'm starting with this! They did all the testing to see if I was getting glutened and of course I wasn't-I am extremely careful. I'm so frusterated because I know my body and I know I'm not a hypochondriac but sometimes I feel like doctors think that I am. It just feels like it did before, I would start with one symptom - they would patch that, then I would start with another, they'd patch then and so on a so forth until they found out the root cause.... Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice??? Thanks!
  6. They have other flavors that are gluten free too, they have a flan that says gluten free that I have not tried yet, but it looks really yummy and their chocolate pudding is also gluten-free and delicious! I have seen kozy shack at walmart and safeway (our local grocery store) so I think it is actually pretty easy to find.
  7. Hey everyone - I know it can be really frusturating to figure out whether or not some prescription drugs are gluten free or not. I had to call about a few this morning and thought I would share the info. IVAX: 800-327-4114 (spoke to Stew on 7/2/07)) generic cipro (sorry the pharmacist did not give me the generic name) 500mg is gluten-free PLEVA/BARR: 800-922-0547 (spoke to Ruby on 7/2/07) metronidizal (generic flagyl) 500 mg is gluten-free LILY: 800-545-5979 (spoke to Yvonne on 7/2/07) generic Cymbalta (sorry - don't know the generic name either!) 30 mg is gluten-free Now I need to vent a little!!! I had a terrible time this time with the pharmacy that I have been going to for years (maybe because I needed a ton of rx in case I get sick while out of the country-who knows). Sometimes they call for me, sometimes they give me the info to call for myself - no problem, I don't mind that at all - I understand they get busy sometimes...... Last Thursday I called to ask if they could check for me, they said ok. I called again Friday to see if they were done or if they wanted me to call any companies- they told me they were working on it, did not need me to help. I showed up on Friday night at 5 pm and there was a note on the bag of prescriptions saying that they don't have the drug company phone numbers - do they think I'm a moron-a pharmacy without drug company numbers, come on!?!? Of course when they started calling them at that point they were all closed (east coast)... and told me they would call on Monday.... Today the pharmacist (my favorite one because he is always so nice) called to tell me he would not have time to check for me today - which is totally fine - I told him I was VERY grateful that he at least called to tell me and give me the info.... Now I got it all done (in less than five minutes) and can go get my prescriptions.... Anyway - thanks for letting me vent! I feel much better! Laurie
  8. Not yet - but so exciting!!!! I will be checking this out - thanks for the post!
  9. I personally would have him tested. As most people on this board have discovered, many doctors are very uneducated when it comes to celiac disease. They only look for the classic digestive, malnourishment signs - which is just the tip of ONE of the symptom iceburgs out there. Shortly before I was FINALLY diagnosed (at age 22) I became lactose intolerant - common among many undiagnosed celiacs from what I have read. About 6 months after going gluten-free, I was able to start consuming dairy again and have not had a problem in 6 years. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the post - I'm always looking for natural remedies to my stomach issues! I don't have a Trader Joe's (in Colorado...yet) Do you know of any other brands that are gluten-free? I wonder if Celestial Seasonings has one, they always label it if it's gluten-free.... Thanks!
  11. HI - welcome to the gluten-free world! The world of cosmetics and body products is a challenging one! I personally would not use the polish remover if it has wheat in it. I have been gluten free for almost 6 years and as of last year gave up EVERYTHING that has gluten in it. I even feed my pets' gluten-free food (I was getting migraines everyday-they went away after I switched my pets' food). I figure that in life we are going to get glutened accidentally anyway at times - why increase the risk factor by using something that has gluten in it on my body? There will always be times that you forget to wash your hands and then bite your nails, fix something to eat or get your hair in your mouth... There are a lot of helpful lists on this forum about cosmetics. Offhand, I know NARS and Bare Minerals are gluten-free makeups (although both are quite pricey). Neutrogena has a great gluten-free list and many people have posted it recently (you can do a search on neutrogena). Dove (and all uniliver brands) will not hide anything and you can rest assured that they will list allergens on their labels. Hope that helped a little. Laurie
  12. According to the Wheaton Gluten Free support group list - the tabs and the elixir are ok. I take the 24-hour one with no problems.
  13. I live in Colorado (very dry climate). I use Vaseline lotions - the aloe (green bottle) lotion in the summer and the shea butter (I think) brown bottle in the winter. They also will not hide gluten - they are made by uniliver I believe. Of course I'm not sure if this all applies to the UK, sorry!
  14. Never thought of using a cleaner on my retainers - I just use my toothbrush/toothpaste and brush them (it's what my ortho told me to do)!
  15. I use Bare Minerals makeup - I like it alot, although it is pretty expensive. Alot cheaper than Nars though! Last time I checked all of their makeup was gluten free.
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