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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!


  3. Your appendix is on the right side of your body. I am currently experiencing impaction (from constipation). My left side hurts tremendously and I've thrown up. Being constipated makes you nauseous. My doc took an x-ray to confirm his theory and told me to take milk of magnesia right before I went to bed. My questions to you would be: when is the last time you had a big BM? Are the pains in the left or right side? If the pain is on the right side, ask for CT. A dr. shouldn't refuse your request, but if they do, ask for/go to another doc. Good luck.
  4. I had the test from Enterolab which said I'm gluten sensitive. I've been gluten-free since mid-December. I'm starting to feel better, I have very few migraines now and I'm not fatigued, but I'm still working on getting enough fiber in my diet. I had to see my regular doc last week because I was impacted (from constipation). My question - do I need to see a GI? I'm doing better since being gluten-free and am not sure what a doctor would do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
  5. My whole foods has a gluten-free aisle. But Sun Harvest, which is much smaller, puts a gluten-free tag near the price next to every item in the store. It makes shopping a breeze. I just wish they carried more items.
  6. I haven't been gluten-free that long, but I've had a similar expereince as a vegetarian. I've been a veggie for 11 years and even today I meat can smell delicious, but the thought of ingesting it is disgusting. Going gluten-free does make me crave pizza or sub sandwiches, but the thought of my stomach turning for hours after I eat it is not appetizing. I'm under the mindset that my vegetarianism was a diet and is now a lifestyle and that one day being gluten-free will become a lifestyle that I don't even have to think about anymore because it will come so natural. Those are my thoughts.
  7. Thanks everyone for the tips. I went shopping last night and found several "meats." I was assuming that since all of the fake meats I had looked at previously had gluten in them, that all fake meats would have gluten. But I was wrong and can finally have a "burger" again (on my gluten-free bread)!
  8. Thank you for the info!! It's been frustrating not being able to eat my "meats." I will go look for these prodcuts this weekend!
  9. I've been a vegetarian for 11 years and gluten-free for a few weeks. I used to eat fake bacon, "chik" patties, and fake sausgaes all the time. I've search my local health food store and only see my usual brands which have wheat in them. I'd be willing to order meat substitues off the internet if I could just find a brand that doesn't contain gluten. Anyone have expereince with this? Are there gluten-free fake meats? Thanks for your help.
  10. i'm still new to this, but i went to a party last weekend. for dinners out with a crowd, like last weekend, i went to the restaurant early and spoke with the manager who made menu recommendations. for dinner our with my bf, i don't care if i make a fuss. i can sometimes find dinner off the menu, but if i can't (since i'm a vegetarian also) then i'll talk with a manager or eat a baked potato and salad. making a fuss isn't a big deal, leaving a crappy tip is!
  11. If you're ordering off the menu, I would suggest getting to the party place a little early to talk with a manager about your options available on the menu. If it's buffet - eat before hand. You can politely say that you ate before and can eat a salad so you're not the only one not eating.
  12. My stepdad got so angry on my birthday that he stopped talking to me. He thought I was overreacting when he put his used fork into my cheesedip. I didn't eat the dip anymore and he got so pissed. He later apologized, but I won't anything I'm not comfortable with.
  13. I've been gluten free for about 3 weeks now and my question to people more experience with the diet is: how do I maintain a healthy bowel? I'm not getting enough fiber in my diet now that I've gone gluten-free. Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. I'm 25 and newly gluten-free. I've had migraines since the ago of 8. Since being gluten-free, I've had less migraines. At first there really wasn't a change, but now I've noticed that my moderate migraines have gone and I only have severe migraines. I was taking Topamax because I would have 4 migraines a week, but now I've stopped taking it and only taking my resuce med as needed. Like the other posts say, magnesium is recommended by all neurologists and eliminate all MSG. I didn't realize that MSG was in my salad dressing until I did a little research.
  15. I've been a vegetarian (not vegan) for 11 years and gluten free for less than one month. Eating out is a challenge. The support group in San Antonio, TX (which is close to where I live) has a list of restaurants and the food that is gluten-free. Even if you don't live near San Antonio, it lists some chain restaurants. Or maybe a support group in your city has a similar list. When I go out to eat (and I still go out to eat), I eat Mexican or Chinese. I do eat dairy, so I eat a lot of enchiladas, chalupas, or migas. If you're diet is dairy-free - that's harder. A baked potato, salad, and fresh veggies may be all that you can eat while dining out. But check you local support group for more info. There also may be a lactose intolerant support group with restaurant lists.
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