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  1. Im almost 25 years old and I was diagnosed when i was 21 (21st bday actually) and I understand what you all are saying. It is especially hard to make friends and relatives understand the severity of the situation. Common replies will always include "a little bit wont kill you !". When explaining it I usually just refer to it as an allergy which it is clearly more than, but to sit and explain what it is to every single person would be exhausting. No one really knows the damage gluten can have on our bodies. I go back and forth with how I feel. sometimes im fine but many times I feel it in my joints (especially knees and hands) most of the time. Does anyone ever have pains in there neck/back of head? Been having this problem for a little while now, my gluten-free jokes and says my neck cant support my big head. I find the lactose intolerance that came one with the celiacs to be the biggest hurdle for myself. if I could only give up lactose products id feel much better more often and have less stomach pains.
  2. Im about to buy a pocket PC. Has anyone used Clan Thompson or Gluten Guard? Are they good? Is one better than the other? any information would be greatly appreciated. Mark
  3. Not sure if anyone lives in NJ or NY, but there is a restaurant on Bleecker Street in NYC called Risotteria which has mostly gluten free food including brownies, beer, carrot cake, pasta, pizza (delicious), meatballs, cookies, breadsticks, and on and on... I recommend trying it!! Its a very small place and cramped but well worth it.! :-D Mark
  4. I got responses from dannon and stonyfield farms Thank you for contacting The Dannon Company, Inc. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Dannon yogurt products and gluten. Dannon yogurt products are characterized as either gluten safe or not gluten safe. Our Dannon Plain Lowfat, Plain Nonfat and Plain Natural are all gluten safe. Plain DanActive (formerly called Original DanActive) is also gluten safe. All other Dannon yogurts and yogurt drinks cannot be designated as gluten safe because the natural flavor systems used might have ingredients added to stabilize the flavor that may be derived from gluten sources. These products are not specifically formulated to contain gluten (except for the Light & Fit Crave Control yogurt noted below) but we cannot guarantee that the alcohol portion of the natural flavor system is always derived from corn and not from wheat, oats, rye and barley. We recommend you consult your allergist on the incidence of gluten proteins in ethanol derived from grains. Additionally, we now produce Light & Fit Crave Control yogurt, a product which contains wheat. In fact you will find that we have labeled both the overwrap and foil of these products with the following: "Contains milk and wheat." We hope this information is helpful to you. As an additional resource, you may wish to visit the website: www.celiac.com. Once again, thank you for contacting Dannon. Sincerely, Lisa Moore Consumer Response Representative and Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We always welcome comments and questions from our yogurt lovers and are grateful when someone takes the time to let us know what they think of our Company and products. Though we don't add gluten, there is the possibility of an immeasurable amount of gluten in our flavored yogurt that contains natural flavorings. A distilled grain alcohol is used to extract flavors from spices. Our nonfat plain, low fat plain and whole milk plain do not contain any natural flavorings. If you have any doubts on whether to consume these flavors, please contact your doctor. We are in the process of learning more about Celiac disease and have been told that some individuals are sensitive to miniscule amounts. We have difficulty answering questions because we are concerned about giving out information to individuals who have unique and sensitive health issues without the person going through their doctor. Especially since the outcome can be serious. There is gluten contained in our Yobaby plus fruit and cereal due to the oats in the cereal that may contain gluten. We are passionately committed to producing the best tasting, healthiest yogurts available, and trying to do some good in the world while we're at it. Please visit our web site at Stonyfield.com to learn more. Sincerely, Vicki Koenig MS, RD CDN Stonyfield Farm Nutritionist I hope that helps!! Mark
  5. The last time I checked Cell-Tech by MuscleTech Inc. was gluten-free. This was about a year or so ago. That stuff works great. I would check with them again before using it. www.muscletech.com . Best of Luck. If you find a protein shake thats gluten free, send it my way, i just found out that GNC protein is glutened!!! Mark
  6. Dear Fellow Glutenite, Im not sure when GNC sent you that email. I was once told that the Pro performance Whey protein was gluten free. It used to actually say it on the bottle. However they have recently changed the bottles look and it no longer says it on the bottle nor on the website so i decided to persistantly email them to find out because i have found a lot of things of late that i have been eating that i shouldnt have. this is what i received back. Dear Mark, Thank you for taking the time to contact GNC. We appreciate your interest in our company. As the largest manufacturer and retailer of nutritional supplements, we understand that customers depend on us for quality products and quality information. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. This product does contain gluten. Please note for your future information, if the product does not state that it is gluten free, then it does contain gluten. We appreciate your understanding regarding this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause. If you have any more questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reply to this email or call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-877-462-4700. GNC Customer Service Live Well very sad news because it was a very tasty protein mix. Anyone have any other tasty protein mixes? Best of luck, Mark siegle.mark@gmail.com If anyone would like to email me with questions or would like to share ideas, please do so.
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