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  1. Welcome to mums who love their children dearly, are human and make mistakes! I found this great new brand of gluten-free muffin mix (anything to save me time as a full time working sole parent). I skimmed through the ingredients list for my son's allergins also...looked good. Whilst I was making the muffins I asked my son if he wanted to taste the mixture (I don't normally ask him and he doesn't normally ask). I gave him one lick. I had just given him his dinner also which he started eating. Within minutes he grabbed his throat in a panic saying there's egg in my dinner!! I said there can't be? It was something like steak & vegies. He said I can feel it!!! Then he ran to the toilet and vomitted and vommitted and vommitted! I looked at the gluten-free muffin mix again and sure enough there was EGG WHITE POWDER which he's allergic to! Did I feel very very bad! You can be caught off guard anytime. It happens. Think of all the great things you do every other second of the day! Also manufacturers can change ingredients without warning so it's good to get into the habbit of checking the ingredients of the things you usually buy as well...just in case! Look at the big picture and just remember what a great mum you are!
  2. This may not be an issue in the USA as no one has mentioned it as yet (although insurance was raised) but to have membership to a coeliac society here in Australia you must have a confirmed biopsy diagnosis. I would look into the insurance aspects also if I were you. When my son had his biopsy, the enterologist came out stating that usually the bowel looks normal and the pathology results confirm diagnosis however on this occasional he observed obvious damage with the naked eye and recomended an immediate gluten-free diet. This was a few months after diagnosis of his diabetes (we wanted to wait a little longer so we could adapt to the new lifestyle but symptoms made us confront it earlier). Whilst psychologically it's difficult as a parent to watch your child go through this procedure I believe it's best for him to have it done. It's over quickly and you have a baseline status to compare with should problems continue or reimerge later. It's a personal decision but I recomend he have the biopsy so diagnosis is confirmed and any other nasty disease is thus ruled out. It's piece of mind that you checked and know for sure.
  3. Diagnosis ?

    I feel for you.... They are definately gastrointestinal symptoms from something? I would ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist firstly so that a specialist can determine which GI disease it may be. If there's ceoliac disease in the family mention it. I know someone who's lactose intolerance subsided once her coeliac disease was diagnosed and treated (ie once the bowel healed and wasn't sensitive to lactose anymore). The itchy red rashes screams allergy to me. You say it's treated. If by a dermatologist I would suggest you go to a peadiatric allergist to treat the cause rather than the symptoms. Good luck and let us know what they say/find.
  4. You can claim gluten-free foods on your tax???? Wow...wish we had that here in Australia!! Good to see the govt acknowledge the extra financial burdeon placed on families!
  5. Don't you just hate people who sabbotage what you're trying to do! I put it down to lack of education and selfishness. Thankfully being vegitarian isn't life threatening but the mixed messages that poor child is getting can scar him for life (as I'm sure its just an example of others).....grrrr glad I got that off my chest! sorry...I've gone a bit off topic.....
  6. Gee it's a tough time but I would suggest that the first thing you do is talk to your son about the fact that he can't eat some foods just like other children can't eat nuts, egg, etc which makes them sick. And that some have to have medicines or need wheel chairs etc to live normally. There's so many kids these days with intolerances, allergies, etc there's bound to be others who have restrictions. Then he doesn't feel singled out. If you're nervous about it then he will think there is something to be worried about. Kids pick up so much from us. If we're matter of fact about it (but natually worried sick inside) then they'll learn it's a part of life also and take it in their stride. I know it's easier said than done! Always pack food but work with the staff on educating them about what they can provide also. This will take time. You'll find that other kids may become envious to what your son gets to eat! Use that to your advantage. I find how you approach the situation makes all the difference. Although it is easier said than done!! All the best...
  7. Good luck with the results. I hope you get a solution to those aweful symptoms. Keep us updated!
  8. Amoxicillian

    Hi LKelli I also think that your child's stomach upset is not gluten related (although you can never rule it out) as gastrointestinal upset (ie nausea and vomitting) is a common side effect of antibiotics. My son has coeliac disease, type I diabetes and multiple allergies. One of the allergies was to erythromycin (another antibiotic). He had extreme diarrhoea....I mean extreme...never stopped coming out...nappy was full constantly and caused extreme excoriation. The Dr said it's a side effect although because of the severity he determined it to be an allergy. So I guess you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Tolerate some stomach upset to treat the ear infection (lesser of the 2 evils). Next time ask for another type of antibiotic. My son had Keflex for ear infections. And change your doctor and pharmacist if you don't get confident answers to your questions. Best wishes. Hope your child feels better soon then you can rest easy...
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