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  1. There is a formula that is gluten free along with alot of other allergy triggers. It's called Neocate and is not available over the counter like Enfamil or Similac and it's very pricey. Insurance will cover it but documentation of prior formulas or breast milk must be mentioned along with the reaction. If the child has serious GI issues than that's different. IT is a prescription type formula and can run about $30-40 a can. ( I work in pediatrics and know the horrors of ins) Here is a link with the nutrition information : www.shsweb.co.uk-neocate-prof-docs-neocate.pdf or just google Neocate infant formula Best of luck
  2. We had our first Gastro appointment last week and they drew blood. This coming week we go back for the breath test and upper GI where he is to drink something than have an image taken of it. As I am new to the process and confused about what to do I was just wondering what others experiences have been. Our 9yr old still has horrific gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, rash, nasuea, fatigue and general pedi was no help so our eggs are in the GI's basket now. Why is it so hard to get an answer? We will talk to the Dr this week the same day the breath test and GI thing is done to get results but just betting on previous experience I doubt there will be an answer.
  3. We have our much a waited GI appt in the morning and just looking for advice on what to prepare for the appointment. Some back history--- My 9 yo son has constant diarrhea, horrific gas, stomach pain , nausea, fatigue, puffy look, weight gain with increased appetite mostly with stomach pain and diarrhea. At well visit Pedi did not feel celiac since he gained weight and is 9 as symptoms are "new" which is not true we were treating them as milk or lactose intolerence with no change in discomfort. Lactose free 3yrs did complete diary free- 6 months I am bringing a 2 week food journal with the symptoms and foods eaten for entire day. We had stool samples done by Pedi 2 weeks ago but do not know the results but they forwarded them to Gi. I am going in feeling that the weight will be the main topic and Celiac will not be our given reason for the problems. Think the worst......hope for the best. If I don't get an answer I do not know what to do. Any suggestions on what else to prepare so we can make the most of the visit???
  4. Thank you all for the comforting words. I made an appointment with a pedi GI for 1/30 and I am now searching for a new general pedi and hopefully I will get on just as the blood and stool results are in
  5. Thanks everyone! I will start him on a gluten free diet and see what happens. It's just so frustrating and I've been down a similar road recently with this Dr about other issues with my son and continued on what I new my son's issue was (dyslexia) and chronic strep which finally after a struggle led to removal of his tonsils. So I know mother generally knows best, but it is nice to her from a "professional" that you are not being neurotic--wishful thinking!
  6. Okay. Today was the annual physical for my son and I talked about his issues of having gas (deadly), tired, diarrhea multiple times a day and his weight gain with constant appite. Well we left with labs for thyroid tests and a stool sample kit. I told how we did lactose free milk, etc and nothing changed so we went dairy free and still no changes so could it be Celiac and he said NO the onset is to late (he is 9yrs) and he is gaining weight not loosing. I completely forget the rest of the appointment as I had to try and hold the tears back since he was not listening to me and only focused on the weight which I have brought up for years and he said it was no problem. Is there a magical age when Celiac can no longer be a diagnosis? I mean he's had these symptoms for years but we thought it was dairy related. What to do next..I have no idea. Dr did not give any input just said we can do GI if its ongoing......did I miss something??? Sorry for the long winded post but I'm so ANGRY and FRUSTRATED!!!!!!
  7. Diagnosis ?

    Thanks everyone. I know there are so many things that it could be since the gasto area can have symptoms that fit a lot of illnesses. For him the "symptoms" seem to fit celiac the most but will do as suggested and get a referral to a gastro doctor and get the blood work. Also a trip to the allergist would help as severe food allergies (me) are in the family but I do not know of anyone with celiac directly. The rash is excema related but the flare ups are worse. Thanks again and will post any news after Tuesday's appt with pedi.
  8. Diagnosis ?

    As I am new here I have tons of questions, but did learn a lot from reading past posts. My question deals with my 9yo son who we felt was just Lactose intol but now with new symptoms I've been trying to find the "right" answer. We have a yearly physical next week and would like advice on what to ask for beyond a bood test. Symptoms: constant gas--really smelly diarrhea -dialy and frequent more gas in afternoon and evening stomache discomfort with vomit feeling always hungry-- weight gain mainly in gut area despite good diet rash on face--now worse and always red/itchy----is treated but not working anymore tired I know symptoms alone do not equal a proper diagnosis but does it seem like I'm on the right track? We tried no dairy due to lactose issue but still gas and stool issue. Oh he's up again with stomache issues--gotta go! Thanks for your input.
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