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  1. Hi, My husband had the same problem (constant hunger). Many people with gluten problem are not very good with "simple(and even complex) carbohydrates" - although most of them are gluten-free. This is probably why you have constant hunger. If you searh online for "Candida" you may get more information. Giving up on simple carbs might be hard at the beginning, but after sometime this constant hunger feeling disappears. Also, the other thing might be "parasites/worms" in your body, they eat the carbs you eat.
  2. Hi, Many people have experienced the same things, Celiac is hard to diagnose, and the symptoms are blended with many other condition. But since now you know, I think the rest is about changing your lifestyle. My husband always had stomach/skin problems, but we learned that he had gluten problem in 2006. Next day, we went 100% gluten free in the kitchen, home cleaning products, make up products, hygiene products, pet food, vitamins (some pills are coated with wheat). We stopped eating outside. I wish somebody told me these the day he got sick, it took us days months years to figure all these out. So, here I am listing few of the changes we made immediately: 1) eat loooots of vegetables, every meal (This is the most important thing) 2) quit consuming processed food 3) cook everything from scratch 4) completely stop eating sugar, simple carbohydrates, fruits, starchy vegetables (like potato) 5) use organic spices 6) no table salt 7) preferably fish (chicken and red meat bothered his stomach, but later ok) 8) small amount organic nuts (walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds) every day (but they all bothered him the first year) 9) occasionally legumes (chickpeas, lentils, peanuts - not beans). They all bothered him the first year. 10) no barley, wheat, oats, or anything like that 11) don't eat anything after 8 12) get enough sleep (8hours) 13) no no no starchy foods When my husband was very sick, whatever he ate bothered him. even fresh vegetables.. because his digestive system was in bad shape due to gluten. But as time passed, gluten free and healthy eating habits helped him get better. Since, your husband's digestive system now is very sensitive you need to go easy on many many things even though they are healthy. For example, tomato is healthy but eating them without pealing them will be a problem probably. Also, instead of eating vegetables raw, steaming them might be a better choice at the beginning...or boiling...or a soup..After some time, I am sure he feel better. My husband is pain free now, and he is not loosing weight anymore. Our typical diet includes: Breakfast: salad (green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, lemon, sea salt) 3-4 Eggs (sometimes with vegetables) Snacks: Celery, big bowl of salad, or a cup of nuts (almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc), mineral water with lemon Lunch: Chicken/Fish/or red meat (with vegetables and spices) Green leafy Vegetables in olive oil with spices (might be a soup) Salad Snacks: Celery, big bowl of salad, or a cup of nuts (almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc), mineral water with lemon Dinner: Chicken/Fish/or red meat (with vegetables and spices) Green leafy Vegetables in olive oil with spices (might be a soup) Salad Not: some dinners we skip meat and eat legumes (but not too much), with vegetables, salad. I hope this help!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Hi, my husband lost a lot of weight as well. but gradually he put some back. As his digestion system got better, he started to include nuts and legumes in his diet. He eats nuts (walnut, pistachio, almond, sunflower seeds, sussame seeds) every day as a snack, and he also eats little bit amount of legume (chick peas and lentils) every night, has begun exercising every Saturday. This combination helps him gain weight. Also, the rest of his diet has been very stable for more than a year, and he makes sure that he gets 8 hours of sleep everyday. (now his height is 180cm, weight 66kg)
  5. Megan, you have to stay completely away from sugar, starchy foods, caffeine, any type of flour, can drinks, milk/cheese/yogurt, all simple carbohydrates. Consume green leafy vegetables (not can, but fresh), lean protein, and good quality plain spring water (not juice-it has too much sugar), try to sleep 8 hours a day (even if you cannot sleep, just rest for at least 8 hours a day) you will see the the difference in a week. Sugar and simple carbs weaken your immune system.
  6. Hi all, My husband always had such red things on his back, close to shoulders, and neck, and on his belly...Doctors said the reason was his dry skin in 1993..Anyway, time passed..and 2005 he developed gluten intolerance. Those red rashes were a sign for us, we had no idea. Now we watch his diet very well, he has no symptoms, he has good health - but if he east too much fruits (2 servings a day) those red rashes come back. You may want to watch how much simple carb you consume.
  7. Oh, also, my husband never ever tried a sleeping pill. It is difficult, but it worked -
  8. Hi, my husband had sleeping problems too. he found out that when he feels like he cannot fall in asleep, he sleeps on the floor. He has a yoga mat, he puts it on the floor, and he puts a quilt on it to make it a little soft. This helped him very much. Somedays, if he eats too much fruits, he cannot fall asleep, so now he knows what to do. This might help you too. the other thing is, although you are 100% gluten free you might still be consuming too much simple carbs - you may want to re-examine your diet. I hope this helps.
  9. Hi, I was a care-giver for my husband for long time - we couldn't figure out what happened to him, the doctors were not much of a help for us too. But, I see with my own eyes, he is healthy now!! My husband now does not have pins and needles, floaters in his eyes, no GI/abdominal problems, no skin rushes, these are only some examples, there were so many things going on..now nothing, nothing, nothing...His immunie system is so strong. Eventhough there is a flu thing going on and allergy season started, he has no problem. I am serious. We didn't care what the doctors said, they believed or not. We kept him away from medications. I just want to tell you this thinking that it might help you. We started with gluten free diet, but we slowly understood that when you go for gluten free diet, you dont necessarily eat healthy, you replace gluten with other bad things.. Can you tell me what you usually eat for dinner, breakfast, lunch and snacks?
  10. Hi Rachel, It might be wrong but, I noticed that you are consuming a lot of processed foods. Have you ever thought about cooking with plain things? such as green vegetables, turkey/fish/meat, eggs..consuming nuts instead of popcorns..I love ice cream, but since my husband has gluten intolerance, I dont eat ice cream as much as I used to...for snakcs, now I eat nuts, they much healthier, and you know what, I dont even gain wait.. people always say, oh they are high in calories - so what, they are not simple carbs, more dangerous! My husband quit eating fruits ans sugar/honey (simple carbs) and this helped him so much!
  11. Thank you Nancym for the information. I had no idea about these things before! I always thought that bread is good!!! Actually, the information about the negative effects of simple carbohydrates and several potato like starchy complex carbs is out there, but people dont see it, or are not able to make the connection between carbs and gluten problem...You may know, the food pyramid has also been changed! But, when ask to people to image what is in the pyramid, all tells me about the old pyramid. I spent 2 years to learn this. Last summer, my husband got dierhia, I have him potato and bread, what a stupid mistake! ...At every visit to emergency room, they kept him hours and hours hungary! and sent him home with pain killers --- how could they expect him to take a pain killer to an empty stomach???? So I gave him "baby foods because everthing else was hurting and giving him pain... guess what... things did not get better, because all the baby foods have corn and wheat kinds of things..... Than one wonders, what is going to happen to babies? And now I see people posting messages as I did last year and saying that they are or their relatives are having similar problems and asking for help! I feel sad, because I know how hard it is..I hope one day somebody will publish something and tell about gluten!
  12. Hi.. with the results of Enterolab, we started gluten free diet, it gave us the courage to quit consuming wheat, barley, oats, etc. It is kind of against to our general beliefs, we always thought that "bread is good for you" since we are from mediterranian region, it is hard for us to accept that wheat is bad!...but, now believe that gluten-free is actually good for health in the long run! If we did not have the test we would still be wondering because the doctors are not able to tell you until you get seriously sick, they have this need for "falsification."
  13. Hi My husband has been having this gluten problem for the last 2 years, and actually, first time in 2 years he is feeling good! Thinking about what we have learned so far, here are few advices - (1) 100% gluten free (Walmart has many gluten free products, also co-ops, bloom, and local gardens try to use origanic) (2) eliminate digestively challenging foods for sometime (such as milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, chicken, tomato, eggplant, egg) (3) "stay out of processed foods!" We learned that something with a Gluten-free label does not mean that it is good for you. (4) Become best friends with legume, green vegetables, turkey, fish, nuts, olive oil, and meat. They will help your body repair itself - (5) no simple carbohydrates for a while! also limited rice. (4) saw a nutritionist, have your mineral levels checked! use supplements if necessary. (5) no exercise for some time. (6) positive mood. I hope you can shorten the healing time and everything gets better for you!
  14. Hi all, I was thinking - "I learned so much, I want to share this information with others who are having the same problems - Where should I post my message?" I hope, my message will reach to many. I am a caregiver, my husband has gluten intolerance. He has been having stomach-intestine problems-burbing-jerking in the muscles-shaking-floaters in his eyes-brain fog-extreme tiredness-diarhia, etc for the last two years. most of you may see some similarities -Have been to many Emergency rooms and hospitals several times, tried several GI specialists and neurologists - many said depression or stress go home, take antidepressants or eat healthy foods it will go away, etc. blah blah blah...And, Enterolab results made us try Gluten free life. He has been 100% gluten free for almost one year. So, I do not want to go through and explain all those difficult times. Even remembering makes my eyes wet. But, I would like to share with you how he got better gradually - and what helped him, My husband had a difficulty in reading the posts here because he was scared, so I became the member and followed the posts here, therefore, I am hoping that I will be able to reach many others by submitting my post here. We read so many books you cannot imagine. Most of the time, all intolerances and allergies are found related, we realized that all are related with what you eat....but what is eating healthy? We thought we ate healthy.. but he did not get better. so we saw a good nutiritionist. With the guidance of a holistic nutritionist we used supplements to clean his body - basically this cleaned his intestines and got rid of possible parasites.. He also took enzimes with it. later on, we had his mineral balance checked - they were all problematic - nutritionist found that his adrenal gland was burn out - interestingly, my vitamin mineral balance was out of balance too- which was probably due to not having enough sleep, physical and psychological burn out due to caregiving responsibilities, trying to finish a PhD program, plus, radical change in my diet due to his condition... So, here is the last thing we did so far! we quit eating all simple carbohydrates and most of the complex carbohyrates such as wheat/corn/barley/oats/potato, etc. He did not have even a small piece of simple carbohydrate.. so you will ask - how did it go? did this work? YES! During the last 2 years we both cried - he cried because he was in pain, I cried because I couldn't stop the pain or make the pain go away ... so I know how you might be feeling - PLEASE read about carbohydrates and how they relate to adrenal gland on internet. please, please, please try. My husband lost a lot of weight (40pounds in 2 years, he is 6-2, and went down to 150 pounds) but now he is 158, now his weight is very stable. He says that he is even building his energy back, even though he does not have much muscles left. My husband's best friends are now legumes - nuts - vegetables - olive oil - turkey - red meat - cod/salmon/pollock/tilapia. Now, he can even eat organic tofu and egg. If you ask me how he was on, lets say February, I can say he was not even able to digest raw vegetables and was not able to sleep on the bed. I hope many will benefit from our experience. I want to list the name of the books we read, but I dont know if it is okay to list them here. But PLEASE read about corbohydrates and adrenal gland, GLUTEN Intolerance it is not just about gluten. Sincerely.
  15. Matilda, I agree with you..For my husband, with gluten intolerance, intolerance to corn, milk, egg, yeast, gum, and soy was developed... He also avoids paper towels-napkins, tea bags, and paper cups since they have gluten..
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