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  1. whatever you do do NOT go to FIFTH AVENUE GRILL 4650 N. Federal Hwy., Lighthouse Point, FL , near Ft Lauderdale. This was by far the worst restaurant experience I have ever had.... and I've had some doozies. I am allergic to corn, and cannot currently eat wheat (elimination diet). They, including the manager, are totally disinterested in assessing ingredients for you, to the point of almost being rude, and what they did bring out was questionable on one dish (they had not checked the ingredients as they claimed). In addition the service itself at the restaurant itself was bad, and the food was not great. They (they being the manager) also informed me that pretty much everything on the menu contained flour (even the items that traditionally do not... who knows, but it seemed doubtful). When we left the entire visit was so appalling we complained to the manager (unfortunately the only one on duty, the same that "helped" us select our food). He basically said if you can't eat wheat we can't do anything for you, and complained over our requesting to find out if the dishes were safe for me to eat, in the first place. I will definitely never go there again!
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