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  1. I just wanted to tell you that either you have an allergy to gluten or Celiac Disease, but they are too way different things. Allergy to gluten is just an allergy were if you run into you will have yucky symptoms. Celiac Disease is an Auto Immune Disease where it actually kills off your body and causes lots of other health problems. I just wanted to mention that because I don't think you doctor is very educated on Celiac Disease. If I were you too make sure that it is an allergy and not Celiac Disease. I would ask your doctor for a celiac Disease blood test and maybe even an endoscopy and a Colonoscopy.
  2. Celiac Disease even following the diet can cause problems. I have been on a gluten-free diet for 4 years and have had 6 surgeries and were all related to Celiac disease. I even have heart problems due to Celiac. The reason for that is because I was diagnosed too late. I am 21 years old and all though my life had horrid symptoms and even bone deformaties and I had a hard time gaining weight because throughout my younger life the doctors told me I had IBS. They didn't do any test. Until I was in High School they noticed that I was weighin in at 88 pounds. The doctor rushed me into a Endo and colonoscopy and found out I had a severe case of Celiac Disease. For 4 years being on the Diet I still run into lots of problems. They come one right after the other. That is because I am Nonresponsive Celiac Disease. That means I not getting the tummy symptoms, but the Celiac is damaging other parts of my body. You know that Celiac Disease is not an allergy it is an Auto Immune Disease. So I will have a lifetime of complications from cancer to getting other auto immune diseases. It is very important to stay on the Gluten-Free diet and try not to contaminate or run into gluten because yes a little tiny bit can trigger the celiac to become more active. My Celiac will be always active due to the fact of having such a severe case and being diagnosed to late.
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