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  1. Globus sensation is a sensation one gets in the throat that the throat is restricted and is thought to be related to stress more than GERD. I'm not sure that they know much about it actually - it feels as though a muscle in your throat is having a spasm.
  2. I know what you mean. But why didn't McDonalds label wheat in their fries? And why are foreign products relieved of labeling ingredients which are less than 2% of the whole (I read this recently and do not know for sure if this is true)? What I'm getting at is that apparently there are reasons for not listing certain ingredients that we are probably not aware of. Certainly it is not about celiac or tricking people who have celiac into eating these products, but perhaps by listing certain ingredients companies have to live by or comport with certain regulations that they'd rather avoid for reasons of administrative overhead or expense. I'm just guessing of course. But the McDonald's example makes me wonder and perhaps could be informative. It would have seemed easy enough for them to list wheat as an ingredient - does anyone know why they didn't? Does anyone know the reason behind the exemption for foreign food products?
  3. You are correct. Srokie did nothing wrong at all. She simply offered some information and cited it's source. Thanks for the information Srokie. Right off the bat, I'd have to say that none of what you say would surprise me one bit. These days, it is easier FOR ME to avoid foods rather than get to the bottom of whether they have gluten or not. If a company as big and scrutinized as McDonalds can avoid listing wheat on its french fries, then I'll say right now that I will never assume that wheat is not in anything (yes, even toilet paper) and I will never assume that any product does not contain wheat just because it is not listed as an ingredient or someone states that they called such and such company and an employee said that there is no gluten .... Food labelling is apparently tricky business, to be kind about it, and your suggestion that a company might accept paying a fine rather than list an ingredient would not surprise me one bit.
  4. Does anyone know of any relationship between celiac disease and globus sensation? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I have been using Organic Tamari (Wheat Fee Soy Sauce) by San-J as a replacement for soy sauce. You can get this tamari sauce almost everywhere. The parent of San-J is a japanese company. According to the ingredients listed, Organic Alcohol is used to preserve freshness. But I have read that foreign countries do not have to list ingredients if said ingredients are less than 2% of the whole. Also, the product does not say gluten free, but only wheat free. Is it possible that this product contains gluten? I sure hope not, since I've been using it right along. Thanks in advance! Mark
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