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  1. Happy Easter! Well this year we are opting to eat at home instead of out (thanks to my family understanding gluten-free) So what is everyone making??? My mom just realized the ham she bought at Safeway has wheat starch (she was upset for me) So any ideas for a scrumptious breakfast? I would love to make a quiche but don't have a crust recipie for it??? any ideas? Thanks
  2. Maybe it's a west coast thing, but I can usually find it in most grocery stores in he hispanic food section. I beleive WinCo had it. I usually use masa harina to make tamales
  3. Maybe it's a west coast thing, but I can usually find it in most grocery stores in he hispanic food section. I beleive WinCo had it. I usually use masa harina to make tamales
  4. If you find you can't take that, I have use the Solary brand with no reaction, it is a bit expensive, but found that it's composition doesnt bother my tummy either.
  5. I agree, it is a very confusing issue, but what upset me was this morning I was eating my "Wheat Free" waffles from trader joes, and on the back it says made on equipment containing wheat!! I have always prided myself by eating healthy by shopping at TJ's but I am finding more and more that their products are always made on shared equipment. just a note and I guess a whine
  6. Well none of them are like the real thing anymore, especially if you can't mix them with cow's milk. I Have tried a few diff kinds, and found that rice milk and adding maple syrup and a bit of vanilla extract to any batter just makes it taste better even my kid will eat it!
  7. Hello, I agree that since I have gone gluten free in the past few months I have actually GAINED weight, which stinks cause I thought I was eating healthier. I am not a doctor, but I have taken over 3 1/2 years to loose 100lbs (went from 120 to 220, down to 110lbs) I stressed constantly over the amount I weighed daily, and that I feel now was not the best for me due to the fact that STRESS causes more weight hehe. I began more to focus on how my energy level was, how my butt looked in jeans ahha, and overall my attitude began to change. Even though I added 15lbs since going on the new diet this winter, everyone says I am looking better. does that make any sense? sorry for the rambling.
  8. I seem to do fine when I make a martini with absolute vodka, but am worried about the olive because of viniger...are those olives safe?
  9. so the regular slice genoa hard salami you get in every grocery store is not gluten-free??? I must have missed that...it sure explains alot, and I thought spending 2 hours in the store reading labels did the trick! it's always a learning curve
  10. Just wondering what recipies everyone uses for their rice paper wrappers, I am still experimenting. Though I found that deep frying them like lumpia or egg rolls does not produce the same result, they are very greasy. but I still love the taste of the wrapper. any recipies?
  11. Yes, a wonderful meal, I made rice paper spring rolls, but do soooo much miss won ton wrappers, how did you make those? and also how did you make the buns? There was an earlier thread from "Men in Trees" where a character made gluten free dumplings...oh please do tell!
  12. Well I am in similar situation. I just end up cooking my own stuff, or we do a group meal and I check all the lables or share my food. I do not use the toaster etc. It's not fancy, but I went to Costco and got a pack of paper plates and bowls to use. The plates come in handy for chopping food vs using a cutting board. I keep my gluten free bread in a bag in the freezer. I also keep an Amy's gluten free frozen pizza in the freezer for those times everyone decides to order out and I feel like caving in. Hope that helps.
  13. I also take vitamin B-Complex. It helps me with depression and that time of the month. and for some reason, the black circles under my eyes are starting to slowly go away.
  14. There is a rice wrap at the asian market that has a red rose on it and I have had success with that! and it is soooooooo cheap.
  15. I have found the Terra Chips to be very yummy, and not all of them are potato. They do a combonation of yucca, parsnip, taro etc. I am going to inquire on the gluten part though. I have taken it into my own hands to take items like taro root, parsnips yucca and slice them thin, spice em up, and bake them in the oven. It would be cheap and you would be assured of no gluten. http://www.terrachips.com/products/terra-chips.php
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