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  1. I noticed there are a lot of tests that can be taken. Which ones should I take?
  2. I wouldn't be able to tolerate eating gluten again right now, too much school. Yeah, I'm aware that my depression my be caused by Celiac disease. It would really help me to know what is causing what, for sure. Any other opinions on Enterolabs?
  3. It's hard to get a good doc right now. I either have to go through MediCal or my college (UCSD). Neither seem to provide very much help. Thanks for the support and concern guys. I usually don't see this when I'm a complete n00b on a forum. I've had "chronic fatigue," depression, bowel problems and ADD all my life. I was looking on wikipedia a few weeks back for causes of Chronic Fatigue and come across this. Since I've started the diet, not all my problems are gone, as a lot of that is related to depression, but in many areas I feel better. I don't feel so sick in my stomach anymore, I have more energy and I don't feel like I'm gonna pass out anymore (this would happen every day or every other day). Also, my face is a lot less pale. I'm curious about the enterolabs tests. I have the money, would it be a good idea? Is a diagnosis from there as good and credible as a doctor's? Can I take it to my doctor and have it be legit? Thanks.
  4. Well I am in one of my situations where my doctor knows next to nothing about this. I just looked at the blood tests he ordered (I have the order) and it says cbc, cmp and lipid panel. He did say stay on gluten but I can't do that right now, college is hard enough as it is. But those tests will not find anything anyway.
  5. I have been on a gluten free diet for close to three weeks now, but I have accidently eaten gluten a couple times and did so about two days ago. I am about to get some blood tests, will it still be sensitive?
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