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  1. I am new to this forum. My father was diagnosed in August with celiac and my nephew (10) in december. My IGg's are elevated for wheat as are my 8 year old son's (Dec 06). For 2 years I have limited my wheat comsumption. This brings my to a Piece O Cake. I live in east lansing and purchased twinkies in the fall to send to my father and happened to buy some to try in the car. They are phenomenal. My entire family loves them including the total wheat eaters. You would not know that they are gluten free. She seems to have really perfected her sweets. Her chocolate bars are amazing as well. They have marshmallow in them and are great. I would rather pay to get great quality and taste then get something that is not so good. I have never been disappointed by anthing she has. The twinkies also freeze well- experience speaking!!!
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