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  1. Oh, and by the way, the neurologist had done a neck/back exam early on and said I was "perfectly aligned" and wasn't contributing to the headache.
  2. Just a thought around my non-gluten related eye-pain.... I've had two different "types" of stabbing eye pain behind my left eye, both of which baffled drs. and specialists. One ended up being "iritis" which is inflammation of the iris in the eye - pain similar to but more excruciating than migraine. Took an opthamologist to diagnose it after multiple trips to ER, cat scan, blood work, etc... was told by ER it was migraine but it turned out not to be. Second type was daily stabbing/aching behind eye for 15 months straight. Went through the entire "chronic headache" workup (neuro, cardio, etc..) and had everything from the waist up scanned. Was told I was just one of the unlucky ones who develop chronic daily headache and take this medicine, possibly for the rest of my life as they had no idea if it would spontaneously remit. Finally decided it wasn't normal for anyone to have a headache/eyeache everyday and saw a chiropractor - reluctantly. Turned out I had a misalignment in my neck that was screwing with nerves/blood flow etc... After my first adjustment (activator method - very gentle and non-invasive) I was pain free and off medication. I've had to continue with occasional adjustments to retrain muscles, etc.. and really focus on posture, stretching and stress reduction but well worth it. M.
  3. Per Dr. Teitlebaum (leading Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue specialist - not a GI doc): Iron deficiency will often be present even if the blood tests are technically normal. This is because the blood test
  4. Your son's ferritin level is too low. Most people would feel unwell at this level with fatigue, hair loss, etc... Some doctors advocate supplemental iron when ferritin levels fall below 50. The ferritin levels are the iron stores in the body. From what I understand, once those fall low enough, then "laboratory signs of anemia" usually show up as low hemoglobin (sp?) and hematocrit - earning the true medical diagnosis of anemia. However, many people feel and show symptoms of anemia long before that happens (once ferritin levels are low enough even if still in "normal range"). Sounds like a lot of doctors never test ferritin so it's good you have this result to work with. In terms of Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity - anemia/low ferritin can be a sign. However, it can also be a sign of other problems (poor iron intake, other malabsorption problems, internal blood loss, etc..). I'm new to this so hopefully others with experience will offer some perspective. M.
  5. Hi. I posted a few days ago as a newbie with a question on whether you could still have a problem with gluten in the absence of major GI symptoms. Thanks again for the perspective folks provided confirming it is indeed possible. I'm really glad I found this board with so many smart educated people. It's such a shame so many people have had to struggle for so long before figuring out what was going on. Even if it turns out gluten is not my problem (maybe I am just a crazy hypochondriac), I will continue to spread the word about it to anyone who I think could benefit from it. I have a few other questions regarding non-GI symptoms and was wondering if they could be related. My dr. suspects gluten is an issue for me however I am awaiting Enterolab results and do not know for sure yet. Skin - I know there is the DH manifestation of Celiac but what about other skin issues? I've had terrible changes to my skin. I used to have very nice, smooth blemish free skin and one day I noticed it was dehydrated but very oily, clogged pores/blackheads (never had as a teenager/young adult), hyperpigmented and rough gross texture (like an orange peel). I've noticed this mainly on my face but also having some dry itchy patches on lower body and oily on upper body. My hair has also been shedding at an abnormally increased rate for over a year. Hair shedding started before skin changes. Thyroid is perfect. I'm anemic, low b12, low vit d and suspect low folic acid - guess these things could all be from vit/mineral deficiencies. I'm also 35 - I guess it could be hormones and the gateway to perimenopause. Cognition/Orientation - Are feelings of minor intoxication/confusion/disconnected from reality ever part of the gluten story. What about unrefreshing sleep and feeling like it takes a really long time to actually wake up and come out of a fog? I know these things are symptoms of a lot of things, but just thought I'd ask in context of gluten. Thanks. Michelle
  6. No clue on the Enterolab being legit bit. The Dr. I'm working with seems pretty on the ball and committed to finding the "cause" of symptoms vs. just treating them. I trust her judgement and therefore will comply with her reco to get tested. Rez, did your Enterolab paperwork show a positive result but you questioned it (or the Ped GI doc questioned it)? Michelle
  7. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and the links to information. I will be doing one of the Enterolab gene tests as soon as it arrives. Not sure if this is best diagnostic tool or not but it's what the dr. ordered. If I learn this has been my problem (for as long as I can remember) I'll be very relieved -- I'm sure going gluten free is not easy or convenient but much preferred to constantly being told I just need Prozac and to eat better to raise my iron, b12 and vit d levels. Frustrating because I eat more meat than a caveman and drink more milk than a calve and always have. If it's not gluten, then I'll explore dairy next. M.
  8. Can someone have a gluten sensitivity if the ONLY GI symptoms are bloating and occasional gas-i-ness? My doc just suggested I get tested due to chronic anemia and b-12 deficiency (despite plenty of dietary consumption of both - thinking malabsorption), major fatigue, fogginess-cognitive issues, low mood and bloating (6 months pregnant looking by end of day even though naturally thin). Does this seem to fit the bill for gluten senstivity? Thanks. Michelle
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