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  1. Hi, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 3 years ago now. I went from 110lbs to 78lbs in a matter of 3 weeks, vomitting black bile, dirhea (sp?), disease and extreme pain all over including abdominal pain. After 3 weeks in hospital I was diagnosed after many tests including full biopsies. 3 years later I hardly eat, NEVER eat Glutton and now weigh 141lbs and that went up from 132 from just a month ago. Also, my blood showed that I'm some how getting glutton in my system again. I just moved back to California and really need some help losing the weight and getting this back under control. Any doctor in San Francisco that can help me that you know of or how on earth I'm gaining when I'm not eating. Thanks! Limygal
  2. Hi, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease back in April of 2004. I had been vomitting, direhea and losing weight rapidly that in the space of 10 days went down to 38kilos. Ended up in hospital for 14 days where my saviour my doctor found out what was wrong with me and set me on the right path. I'm 49 now so was diagnosed quite late in life. Before the diagnosis I was typically 100-105 lbs and at only 5'3" fairly slim. Never had a problem eating as I could eat more than most men and not gain weight. Now however I'm having the opposite and have gone from about 45kilos to 63kilos in 1 year. I eat about a 10th of what I used too and have stopped eating all gluten, never eat dairy and yet over Christmas gained 3 kilos. Have to admit have had a weakness for chocolate in the past couple of years. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the fat issue happen. My choleseral has also gone from being very low to 6 and it seems that now I absorb every bit of fat, cholesteral and bad stuff. I'm even finding that my allergy medicine isn't being absorbed right and I have to take Zantac to try to help with that. Anyone that can shed some light would be appreciated especially on getting the weight down and getting healthy again. Ta.
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