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  1. To all the women out there, Have any of you noticed an increase in severity of symptoms depending on where you are in your monthly cycle? At my last dr appt, he said that as hormone levels go up and down during the cycle, you can definitely see an increase in severity of symptoms - this has proved to be true for me. I keep note of how I'm feeling regularly and have noticed this pattern. Thanks, Lisa
  2. Thanks for the feedback so quickly. Yep, regular GI symptoms as well - plus the arm pain!! lisalou
  3. Hello everyone, I have been recently diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and have been slowly figuring things out since then. My question involves the following: Last night I prepared what I thought was a gluten-free meal for my family and I. Apparently it wasn't because today I'm showing all the signs of having been glutened. My weird symptom that I haven't experienced before is that last night, several hours after having eaten, I got these pains in my forearms - both left and right - felt as though my hands weren't working. Today, my arms still feel strange - still a little of the soreness and kind of shaky and weak. Has anyone else experienced something like this?? Thanks for any insight you can provide, lisalou
  4. Hi Betty, Here's a link where you can find lists of gluten-free medications. Hope it helps!! http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com/ lisalou
  5. Being fairly recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance and going a gluten free diet, it is such a relief to know that other people go through the same types of ups and downs that I am experiencing. It does get discouraging, but it does help to remember that it will take time to heal as it did take a long time to get this way as well. Lisa
  6. I was diagnosed a few weeks ago by Enterolab as being gluten intolerant and need to go on a permanent gluten-free diet. This after many years of trying to find out what was wrong with me. My own family doctor thinks this is all in my head - I'll be looking for a new family doctor by the way. I had also had all the regular tests ordered by my family doc - all coming back showing nothing unusual. I have been gluten-free for only a week and am noticing improvements in my health already. If I had stuck with my family doc, I would be still spinning my wheels and feeling like crap. Try not to give up hope - and as others have recommended, try going gluten-free. If it doesn't help, you've lost nothing, and if it does - imagine the possiblities!! I'm even starting to have hope again that I can get back to a more normal life!!
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