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  1. I wanted to write in and give a wonderful review to the caterers and the bakery for my 25th anniversary celebration in the south surburbs of Chicago. Jimboo's Catering in South Holland did an wonderful job making sure that he did not put extra ingredients in that would make me sick. He was very friendly and patient when I told him about Celiac and what I could not eat. The Olive Oil Garlic Chicken tasted great as was the salad and fresh fruit. Oh My God Pastries in Calumet City made my 3 tier beautiful wedding cake. The top tier was glutten free bannana cake with the best tasting frosting I have ever tasted in my life. It was stunning!!! Thank you both places for a wonderful anniversary celebration. SandyS
  2. Hi I was just looking to see who was near Chicago , I'm from the south suburbs and I was wondering if you have been to"DaLuciano" in River Grove it's listed as a gluten free restaurant. Is there anyone out there from the south? Sandy
  3. Be encouraged! Ive been maintaining my same weight for the last 6 months. I eat lots of rice cakes and popcorn for snacks. I eat baked chicken breast or chicken taco or tostadas mostly lots of salads with sugar snap peas (love them). Try making your salad with mandrin oranges and pinapple chunks and pecans, then you don't need salad dressing, I sometimes just add Two spoons of my yogart that I have at lunch its great. Exercise and have fun Sandy
  4. Hi I'm Sandy I am pretty new to this website. I have been looking for a support group in the south suburbs of Chicago to learn more about Celiac Disease. I've been struggling on this glutton free diet for 5 months. Any ideas if they will have any seminars like this in the suburbs? Or are they doing it anytime soon at this Whole foods? Sandy
  5. I have this senario that has happened several times in restraunts with me and my husband. He doesn't think that I should have to cause such problems when I order and get everything separate. So he says just take the bread off. I tell him I don't think that the bread should touch my chicken. He says that if anything the bread would absorb not the other way around. If I order a salad I have asked about croutons and said I don't want any. He said honey you can pick them off. Am I being over sensitive? When I read stories from other people I read how careful they are. Sandy
  6. Hi Jennyj I want to try Longhorn also because I'm having a hard i time finding places that I feel safe eating except Mexican chicken tacos and rice and beans. I go to the same two or three places that know us pretty well. I get a magazine called "living without" that also has a list of restraunts that has gluten free items on the menu. I found a pizza place near me that makes a gluten free pizza. I was pretty excited that I didn't have to bake it myself. I also noticed that you have an iron problem, I take 3- 18 mil iron pills every day to try to bring up my iron count up. Sandy
  7. Hi Everyone I have been on gluten free diet for only 4 months. I struggled with weight issues my whole life. I lost 50 lbs prior to finding out I had celiac disease and now I don't want to gain it back. I am learning to cook gluten free and learning to eat smaller size meals. It's nice to hear there are others that are going through the same struggles that I am facing. Sandy

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