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  1. Thanks again for the great suggestions. Probiotics from GI Pro Health are on the way. Parasites - oh man. I will definitely look into this more. No info is TMI by the way. One of the aforementioned (complained about, sorry) doctors I've seen had recently recommended upping my salt intake to help with low blood pressure. When checking into what salt does besides raise your blood pressure I ran across the info below and thought that particularly the second paragraph may be of interest to others on this forum. I don't know if the info is accurate of course but it's worth looking into. I know I've been eating a lot of salt on the SCD and before. "The primary health problem caused by table salt is not that it contributes to high blood pressure in people with poor kidneys, though it does that. It is not that eating salt ruins the kidneys; salt probably does not do that. The real problem with salt is that sodium chloride is an adrenal stimulant, triggering the release of adrenal hormones, especially natural steroids that resist inflammation. When these hormones are at high levels in the blood, the person often feels very good, has a sense of well-being. Thus salt is a drug! And like many drugs of its type, salt is a habituating drug. However, we are so used to whipping our adrenals with salt that we don't notice it. What we do notice is that we think we like the taste of salted food and consider that food tastes flat without it. But take away a person's salt shaker and they become very uncomfortable. That's because the addict isn't getting their regular dose. What's wrong with repetitive adrenal whipping is that adrenal fortitude is variable; many people's adrenals eventually fail to respond to the prod of salt and the body begins to suffer from a lack of adrenal hormones. Often those inheriting weak adrenals manifest semi-failure in childhood. The consequence is that ordinary, irritating substances begin causing severe irritation. The person becomes allergic to pollen, dust, foods, animal danders, etc. We see asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, etc. Though one can then discover specific allergens and try to remove them from the environment or diet, often this case can be solved far more easily by complete withdrawal from all salt. This rests the adrenals and they may recover their full function; almost certainly their function will improve. The asthma, allergies and etc., gradually vanish." http://chestofbooks.com/health/Isabelle-A-...-And-Sugar.html From the "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor" book, by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon, published in 1997. OK, sorry for the long post. I hope everone is doing well. -P
  2. Hi mftnchn, Nope on the lyme disease test, I will check into it though. I've taken magnesium stearate but didn't notice a difference. One of the main obstacles for me has been that I didn't have any immediate food symptoms, no diarrhea, flare ups, alarm bells. Just feeling bad all the time. It's made the process feel like playing darts in the dark. Just guessing, doctors just guessing as well. That is starting to change as some of the symptoms have faded. Now if I eat apple sauce or some nut flour or eggs, I get a little something to go on. So I'm weeding those things out and trying them again occasionally. Cutting out the berries is a good idea. I don't get symptoms from them but they may be causing problems. It's confusing. Before starting the diet I wasn't constipated. I might do the intro diet again as I'm sure I could have done a better job of it and the soft foods. I can't do eggs, goat milk, nuts, fruit, gelatin. I've been cutting out honey to see how that goes. I was making yogurt out of coconut milk but I stopped that because it started giving me symptoms as well. I'm being very strict and on a really minimal diet. It makes me wonder if I am on the right track sometimes. In Breaking the Vicious Cycle another kind of bacteria was mentioned that the SCD diet wouldn't help. I need to look that up and get tested. Thanks for all the great suggestions! -P
  3. Hi Pele, you might not be as impressed if you knew how much of it I remember. Ha. Good thoughts... I checked out fine at the endocrinologist though. I'm contemplating the Heildleberg stomach acid test. I've taken Betaine HCL for perioods of time and I can't tell if it's doing anything or not. Thanks so much for the reply! -P
  4. Hi all, This is my first post but I've read the whole thread top to bottom. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. This is a great resource. I am hoping someone may be able to recommend a doctor in Seattle. I've been to Bastyr, the Tahoma Clinic, IBS treatment center, Swedish and the Polyclinic. So far my medical care has been haphazard, disorganized or just ignorant about digestive issues. 3+ years in and no diagnosis. Some doctors were good, and likable as people etc. but didn't really have the time to figure out what was going on. I have followed all advice to letter with little luck and been met with confusion, skepticism, and frustration from these doctors. After zillions of tests (gallons of labs, Colonoscopy, MRI, Ultrasound) my credit card is smoldering wreckage. After 4 months on the SCD diet (no dairy/nuts/fruit other than berries are tolerated so far)I am still struggling with constipation(no D ever), poor energy/ memory/ concentration/ dizziness/ visual changes/ low weight (6'4" 150 lbs). Thankfully headaches, fibromyalgia, heart palpitations, joint pain, night sweats have improved. Cause for celebration! I'm still struggling though and I don't know what else I can do. Most recently I went to a naturopathic digestive specialist who gave me stock advice, asked me if I'd heard of quinoa and after a couple of visits still hasn't incorporated the fact that the SCD diet is only thing aside from nutrient IVs that has improved any of my symptoms at all. Hasn't even considered it to be a clue. I've already prompted him to check into it. Nobody seems to have the time or inclination to get to the bottom of this or even make a formal diagnosis. They want me to get better their way. I need an expert/medical detective that is organized enough to remember who I am and give me a call back if, for example, their supplements give me a sunburn-like rash (unlike the Tahoma Clinic). Any ideas? Sorry for the rant. Maybe some of you can relate? Thanks so much for reading this and for everyone's posts on this forum. -P ps.. I'm thinking about giving this place a try: http://www.qliance.com/about.html
  5. Hi All, First post here. I'm getting ready for a trip to Europe with a new Garmin GPS. You can make or download custom points of interest with these. It would be handy to have restaurants and stores that offer gluten free items loaded in. Had a look around but can't find any lists so far. Does anyone know of any? Seems like a great way to make traveling easier if you happen to have a GPS already. I may start making a few my own. http://www.garmin.com/products/poiloader/ Thanks! -p
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