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  1. Thanks for the advice, I live in Western NY. It seems as though there might be a niche market here, there is so little available that tastes good, and it really is possible!
  2. Look for gluten in unexpected products. I found that I felt great at first, then after about 6 months I began feeling bloated again. A celiac friend told me about hidden sources of gluten that she had found, malt, caramel color and flavors sometimes, msg and more. Look on the celiac.org website. Another big one that I never thought about is beauty products. Sure enough many of my hair products contained wheat protein. Out they went! I still have occasional bouts of bloating and I am pretty sure it is related to eating hidden gluten in some form, it seems to be everywhere. I also found that my reaction time is slower than many, it may often take a day or even two for me to feel the effects of eating a food with gluten in it....I have a very sluggish system!
  3. Hi, I am a celiac who loves to bake! I have experimented with a number of different flours and baked goods with mixed results, but have adapted many recipes that I love, to taste just as good with-out gluten products. I am interested in possibly developing a business out of my love of baking and the lack of tasty products available. I have a business background, but have been away from the business world for a while. Does anyone have tips or pointers on how to go about starting such a business? Many thanks.
  4. try using Pamela's pancake and baking mix as a substitute for the flour. I have made pumpkin bars with it and petit fours, both were outstanding. Good luck
  5. I have been using Pamela's baking mix with mostly wonderful results. I substitute it cup for cup in many recipes. It makes especially wonderful waffles. I have made numerous cookies using the mix, even cut-outs that were as good as using wheat flour. A few questions for anyone who has used it...does anyone know the ratio of ingredients in the mix, I'd like to make my own. And how can it be purchased in bulk? Thanks for the help!
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