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  1. Though coffee wont make me feel bloated, it definately clears out my system within an hour of ingesting. I used to believe that there could have been something gluten related, but after reading the labels multiple times my reaction is just the effect from the energizing stimulant, caffeine. Im still in the healing process and am very sensative to these things. Goodluck!
  2. This is definately abnormal, it has been bypassing all the Immodium I've been taking. My best guess has to be a virus with the aid of the lactose free ice cream. I haven't eaten much today, im afraid the aches could return. Is it even physically possible to develop a cure for gluten intolerance? I'd like to start living again.
  3. Hello, I have been diagnosed with celiac disease a few months ago but seem to have many other food intolerances as well. This morning I had one of the worst mornings ever and would like to know if anyone had experienced this. I had awoken this morning with severe cramps. As the morning progressed the cramps increased to the point where I had to call out sick from work. I took a little P-Bismol to help reduce the pain and tried to go back to bed. I was so very wrong. To make a long story short, I was in the bathroom all morning with the following symptons- Inability to retain warmth, yet warm forehead Diarrhea Vomiting Dizziness Uncontrollable spasms (from being cold) Painful urine I had never thought I could have so many bad things piled up in one lucky day. I was beginning to freak out but held off from calling the hospital. After finally purging my entire stomach (from puking) the pains went away and I was able to drink some water and lay down in bed. These reactions were very abnormal and I am reluctant to point the blame at accidental gluten intake. The foods eaten last night include Boston Market chicken, lightly salted rice cakes, emerald cashews, a little bit of lactose free ice cream, and Andes mints. After looking through WebMD and Google I am beginning to think all this was from a stomach virus and not gluten related. Lactose free icecream will sometimes go right through me, but nothing like what happened today. Are there other Celiacs out there that experience stomach troubles even after sticking the diet?
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