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  1. So far, I have found Trader Joe's to be the most helpful. It's cheaper than places like Whole Foods (which does have a great gluten-free isle...at a heafty price) and you can get a great list online of all their gluten-free foods. Wheat syrup? Never heard of it! I am amazed at what foods have wheat in it and even more amazed at how many other PRODUCTS have wheat in it too. Shampoo? Toothpaste? Cosmetics? Is that really nessessary? So far some friends have rolled their eyes, others (especially any friend I've lived with in the past) are pleased not to see me running to the bathroom after every meal and not in pain but all have been more than accomodating. One friend is making dinner tonight and has made sure that I can eat whatever they're making so I can eat with them. Another made me a seperate dish last minute so I could stay and eat. I will be missing cheese fries from Steak and Shake, but I'll survive. Thanks for the well wishes, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress (I'm still trying to figure out this website, so until then my posts might be a little sporatic) Joni
  2. Thank you so much Lisa! Your response has really helped me! I went to Trader Joe's with my mother today, armed with a gluten-free foods list and we went to town. It's been hard so far, but I know the rewards will be well worth it. Thank you! Joni
  3. I love your bottom quote. Sometimes I felt like people thought I was making all this up for attention. Sigh...
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I did go to her website and found some very useful information as well as some tasty sounding recipes. You know, the way I got my name is kind of funny, or at least interesting. I was going through an especially rough time with someone I was dating and was complaining to my friend while knitting furiously. I started getting pretty heated and made a stabbing motion with one of my needles. The next day, she had drawn up a little comic about Natasha, homicidal knittress. In the comic, I would find and destroy men by stabbing them with my knitting needles, then knit a body bag and throw them into the ocean to rot. It made me feel empowered, even though I was only destroying men on paper, so the name has stuck even 4 years later. Thank you again! Joni
  5. Hello all! As the subject stated, I am new to Celiac/Gluten-free living. I've had intestinal troubles my whole life and can't remember not feeling terrible after eating a meal. I'd previously been diagnosed with IBS, but my family and I continued to research thankfully. When we came upon this, things started to make sense, from the fact that bowl of cereal would hurt my stomach (a seemingly benign food) to the fact that I am the shortest person in my family. Like I said, I am very new to this, I've only been gluten-free for 3 days now and I have some questions that hopefully can be answered here. First: I've noticed that in these three days, my stomach as definitly been better than I can ever remember, but still doesn't seem "normal." Does it usually take a while for your system to regulate and if so, on average how long? Secondly: I woke up with a yeast infection this morning. I am just about to start my period (I know it's normal for women to sometimes get yeast infections right before their period), but also read somewhere about a link with Candida and Celiac, but I am a little confused on the subject. Should I be especially concerned? I'm used to dealing with them on my own, I don't have health insurance and have been getting yeast infections periodically since I was 12 years old (I'm 24 now). Thirdly: Can anyone direct me to a FREE comprehensive list of ingredients that commonly have hidden gluten? I've been researching non stop in the last week or so, but I still haven't found a good list to help me recognize all the ingredients I should be watching out for. This is a confusing and daunting task, changing my diet, but one that I already can tell is well worth it. I've felt great the last three days and am excited that I am on the way to feeling better and better! Please, any help is muchly appreciated and needed! Thank you, Joni
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