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  1. i'm only guessing, since it was definitley a gluten reaction and all he'd had that was different was the flyers. theoretically he could also have found a scrap of something on the floor and eaten it, but we're both super careful about that, so it's not very likely. the idea about it being a reaction to the chemicals in the inks is valid, too.... i have no idea where a person would find out what the ingredients of newsprint are. i suppose if you really want to know if that was the cause you could make newsprint tea or a flyer turnover or something... personally i think i'll stick to my theory and just not let him play with the flyers again until he's old enough not to eat them.
  2. newsprint does have gluten in it. so if your 18 month old eats the flyers while his dad is 'watching him' (aka watching a movie) you can expect: colourful flyer puke all over the bed at 2.30 am a mostly sleepless night crabbiness unending and a major poop explosion that soaks the dipe, his clothes and your clothes, all within a few seconds. and it will not smell like roses. this has been a public service announcement brought to you by canadianmama, who is now in fresh clothes, as is her toddler.
  3. dangit, i was hoping that gluten molecules were too big to pass through into breastmilk. alas. oh well, i guess i'm on this crazy diet, too. we eat a lot of natural foods and almost nothing processed, but i love baking bread and jack andi have always enjoyed sharing our morning bowl of oatmeal. plus he loves his crackers. so i have a few things to figure out replacements for, but we aren't carb addicts, so it's not as hard as it could be. oh, and even his rice cereal has gluten in it. i'll have to investigate other brands.
  4. hi i'm the mama of a 15 month old who hasn't gained weight in about 6 months. he looks skeletal. he's very, very lactose intolerant and gets colds every single week. he's been seeing a specialist about all this, but appointments are hard to get with her. 3 weeks ago he had blood taken to test for celiac disease and thyroid condtions. this week the clinic called and said that they have the results, but don't give results over the phone, so we need an appointment. and the next available appointment is feb 28. there's no stinkin' way i'm waiting a month while my baby suffers. he's probably already stunted his growth as it is. so i started researching thyroid and celiac issues. i hadn't before because i tend to get obsessive. the thyroid thing didn't really fit, but reading the symptoms of celiac disease was like reading a description of my son. so yesterday we started on a gluten free diet. so far he loves the rice crackers but isn't so excited about quinoa. he still breastfeeds so i'm not vry worried about him missing out on a balanced diet, my milk will make up whatever is lacking. i'm looking for recipes for quick, easy, toddler-friendly foods for the boy. so that's my long intro. i'm happy to have found a community like this one. hi everyone!
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