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  1. The only thing from FF that she's had were the package apples from McD's. And that's not very often. She stays at my gma's house while I work and I buy all her food for her and so I dont think its happening there. They know very well what she can and cannot have and to be careful. My gma calls me a million times a day asking me if she can have other things even though she already knows the answers. Any other time she goes some where I'm with her. She doesnt take any meds so it cant be that. Could this be something other than Celiac? Or maybe she's being glutened and I dont even know it....she's not showing any other symtoms though....Why does this have to be so difficult?!?! UGH!
  2. Isabella's main symptoms in the beginning were the extremely bloated stomach, constipation and weight loss. Everything has been great since being diagnosed and on a gluten-free diet. However recently Isabella's stomach is getting back to like it was in the beginning. Hard, extended, really noticable. Its been 6 months and this is coming back again. Everything else looks to be fine and still getting better and better except her stomach. I feel horrible. It sucks when she's a tiny lil thing only weighs about 21lbs and should be in size 18month clothing and she is in 2t tops because of her stomach. What should I do? This is the only thing that is coming back of her symtoms. We have been very careful with what she eats. Her next GI appointment isnt until October.
  3. Oh I can do the Go-gurts! I guess Mia can finish off the smoothies and Bella will get Go-Gurts...why do things have to be "hidden" it SUCKS!
  4. What are your childrens staples in their diet thats not bought from a health food store? Some of Isabella's are: Oscar Myer Ham String Cheese Cheetos Ruffles Eggs Bacon Fruit Snacks Just to name a few....I want to get more verity of "regular" non gluten foods. I just tried giving her Chicken salad (just like tuna) and she loved it with little tostitos scooper chips.
  5. Yogurt?

    So I've been giving Isabella the Dannon Danimal smoothies. I didnt see anything on the label to lead me to believe it would be bad. But now I read that they consider their product that arent the plain flovors or something like that to be NOT gluten safe. But it seems so minimal that it could cause an issue. Isabella hasn't shown any "signs" of being "glutened" since being on the diet even though I know there have been slight accidents from people who are unaware...its new we hadn't had the chance to education everyone fully yet. But she hasn't had any reactions. How am I going to be able to tell if my daughter who is only a year and a half and can't speak to tell me anything? I've been pretty okay dealing with all of this....its only been since the end of March so I'm still learning and still getting very frustrated and still crying at the grocery store cause I dont know what all the indgredents mean. Seriously who the heck comes up with some of the ingredents names? Are fruit snacks okay? Where is the smiley ripping their hair out?!?!
  6. Why can't I just follow a regular bread and just sub. the flour for a gluten-free all purpose flour?? I'm new and very confused with this cooking/baking thing.
  7. I'm looking into buying a bread maker this week....anyone recommend a certain one? TIA Jamie
  8. Ah...look what I found http://www.yum.com/nutrition/allergen/allergen_tb.asp its the only thing she can eat except the steak bowl!!!!
  9. Do you think my daughter will be safe with Taco Bells beans and rice???
  10. Does anyone have a list of "bad" ingredients that I can put in my wallet as a quick reference while shopping? There is no way I'm going to remember it all!
  11. After getting the high level blood test results we followed up with an endoscopy and after the Dr is now even more sure its Celiac. The villi was pretty flat and smooth in areas. So Gluten Free here we come! I'm looking forward to seeing my little girl happy healthy and playful again. I will most likely be an often visitor here with lots of questions!
  12. My daughter (who is only 14 months) has had a lot of blood work done and we are getting them back slowly one at a time. The latest one was the Gliadin Antibody it was out of range High >100 U/ml. What does this tell me? We are still waiting for the celiac panel and other results which should come tomorrow or Wednesday. She also has an endoscope schedualed for the 26th. The results we got before these said her white blood count was up. Why does it take so long to get results?!?! ugh! They did a lot of stool samples and they all came back okay....no parasites or anything. Her symtoms are MAJOR constipation, extremely bloated stomach and loosing weight. I'm still having a hard time really thinking its Celiac. Everyone seems to be so sick after having something they shouldnt and Bella has never been really sick....lathargic yes...but never threw up and has never had diahreah. I'm so confused.
  13. I could stop giving her gluten until then but the Dr didnt tell me to, and she never even said celiac....I'm just so lost and confused about this whole situation....I am watching what we do give her and what effect it has on her.
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