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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I would agree with dlp252. If you felt better after a month and a half of being gluten free. I would still stick with the diet. My doctor told me that a positve blood test result is a very good assurance that you have celiac disease. Now with going on the gluten free diet and you feel the improvement you can bet you have celiac disease.
  3. There are alot of things out there that say they are gluten free. But for now everything makes my stomach upset. That is great about whole foods.. there is a new one being built down in sugarland. But for now, none in the cypress direction. Oh well, maybe soon. My wife has found alot of food at Wal-Mart. She is going to try Krogers tomorrow for any other ideas for dinner. Thank you so much for the support and ideas. Have a great week.
  4. I am newly diagnosed with celiac disease, like one week old. I am just happy after 12 years of misery finally something. My wife is on her first grocery trip right know. I am in gluten free overload! Any suggestions on staying gluten free?
  5. I am newly diagnosed w/ celiac, but i do have some news to offer. My wife has been doing research to find out where wee can eat out. Carrabba's and Jason Deli have gluten free menus.
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