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  1. Hi! We're taking a weekend getaway to Rehoboth beach in delaware. Does anyone know of any gluten-free friendly restaurants? thanks!
  2. My 18 month old daughter had the endoscopy in the beginning of January. I was worried about the sedation since she had a bad reaction in November from a brain mri but she did much, much better this time. The hardest part for us was not being able to give her milk or food between waking up and the anesthia. I would pack juice or milk(they were reluctant to let us give her milk since there is a chance of vomiting but honestly we were so used to her vomiting and she wanted milk that we went ahead with it and she was fineJ) and some snacks(gluten-free if you are starting the diet tomorrow). We started the diet the day of the endoscopy and saw such an improvement within days. She hadn't gained weight since her 9 month appt either and she already has gained 2 lbs in a month. I can not tell you how happy and thankful we are for the difference the gluten-free diet has made...she went from being lethargic, cranky, constipated to a happy, energetic, outgoing baby again. As far as questions I would ask....if you are starting the diet ask for a contact number or email address for the dietician that is affliated with the gi. We had to wait 3 weeks (2 weeks after diagnosis since it took about a week to get the results) to see the dietician and it was a struggle not having anyone to turn to with the tons of questions that come up. Thankfully there are places like this where people are so helpful. If the tests come back positive there are also a few books I would recommend investing in. Good luck tomorrow and please let us know the results. take care, Kim
  3. Hi! We are searching for gluten-free breads and gluten-free corn tortillas that others have found enjoyable. Our 18 month old currently has been eating Kininnick white sandwich bread almost daily. We haven't found any edible gluten-free corn tortillas! Thanks for your help! Kim
  4. Hi! This is my first post and I want to thank everyone for the wealth of information I've gained over the last few months from on this forum. I would recommend requesting the blood testing now. My 18 month old daughter was just diagnosed last month after 4 months of trying different things including pediasure. She went from being outgoing and happy to extremely clingy and fussy. She also had (has still )the very swollen belly, stick like arms and legs, and saggy skin on the bottom. We had months of projectile vomiting, constipation(stools were very light in color),listlessness, fussiness, and weight loss. The sooner you have the testing done the sooner you can have the biopsy(if needed) and start the gluten-free diet. The change in diet has done wonders. She has gained 2 pounds in a month (she hadn't gained since she was 9 months old) and is once again a happy, energetic toddler. I've learned over the last year to go with your gut instinct and not to worry about how many times the pediatrician has seen or heard from us in a week! I'd love to share recipes and learn more from others who are on this same journey! take care and please keep us posted!
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