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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have had DH for about 30 years. I was also diagnosed with allergy to iodine. I didn't know at the time I had celiac and only found that out by accident 5 years ago. My outbreaks mostly start first on my elbows and knees, but they can be anywhere and I mean anywhere. The sunlight actually is good for DH. It helps to dry up the areas. I have really never noticed what color the fluid is like, guess I will notice next time. I just know they itch like crazy and I keep them popped so they can dry out. I also use an antibiotic cream to help keep it from getting infected. I had a biopsy and I don't remember any pain. They gave me a deading shot. They took an actual blister and it left a big enough spot to need a stitch. Personally I would reather know than wonder do I or don't I.
  3. I have DH and was diagnosed in 1977. I was told also I was allergic to iodine. I was told I shouldn't eat wheat but after trying to avoid it I said forget it. If I knew at the time I had celiac I would have maybe had a different mind set. I was told and have read in many articles that many people with DH also are allergic to Iodine. I no longer have iodine in my diet, but can find it hard if I am gone from home for many days. I often carry my own salt. If I get a breakout I can almost always look back and realize I had iodine in the salt.
  4. Good morning, I was just looking around and found this. I just registered. I was raised in Ok and go there all the time as I have a daughter who lives in Edmond and goes to OC. I have a lot of family that are still in OK. I actually live in Texas panhandle but still consider myself an Okie.
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