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  1. Your life will be much easier with Whole Foods nearby. However, your wallet will much lighter. They make a Prairie Bread in the freezer section which is quite good. ($5.50 per loaf). Even my son will eat it. We just tried Glutino corn bread and it was not good at all. Glutino bagels, however, are good. They also carry alot of Amy's products, like rice crust pizza, which also passed the taste test. A few other items on our favorites lists are - 365 (that's Whole Foods brand) popcorn, Pamela's chocolate chunk cookies and Glutino mac and cheese (better than Amy's) Happy shopping! Rosy
  2. Thanks. My problem was finding the "new topic" button. I think I've got it now. Rosy
  3. Hi. I went to the Kraft website and saw exactly what you said. They clearly label contents of their ingredients. Capri Sun is safe. I'm still working on the go-gurt. Thanks and the board is a wonderful tool! Rosy
  4. I've never tried Arrowhead Mills pancake mix. However, we use Maple Grove Farms and it's very good. They are light and have a nice, sweet flavor. Just make sure you don't flip them over too soon as they will fall apart. (Their syrup is also very good.)
  5. If you have a Whole Foods near you, try their Prarie Bread (in the freezer section). Even my 12 year old son will eat it and that says alot! They also make a sun-dried tomato bread which you will find in the same section. My sister-in-law makes her own bread and says it is easiest if you have a bread maker. I also found Glutino bagels which also passed the taste test. If you don't have a Whole Foods near you maybe you can order it from them on-line. Good luck - bread is a tough one!
  6. I know this question is off the subject of candy, but does anyone know if Gogurt (made by Yoplait) is safe? Also are Capri-sun drinks ok.? My 12 year old son is on week two of his gluten-free diet (husband is on year two). Unfortunately my son is very picky and my food choices are dwindling by the day. I've never gone on a message board or forum before. I've searched this site for 1/2 hour trying to find out how to start a new topic with no luck, so I figured I would just continue on one with a somewhat similar topic. I just hope it will show up. Thanks
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