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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Fever?

    I was diagnosed with Coeliac's about two months ago. Prior to diagnosis I was regularly experiencing a low grade fever and I would expect I was getting a cold or the flu, and then nothing would happen. Now since going gluten free I have noticed that I get a low grade fever if I accidentally ingest gluten so have figured it was a gluten reaction. It is good to know that others experience this reaction also.
  3. Elonwy I am trying to find out about Keens also, but as far as I am aware Vegemite contains gluten.
  4. Oh I forgot to mention! I have had a noticeable improvement in energy level each day since I started the diet. I have also noticed that the aching spine I wake up with each morning and aching legs I have each night are also improving. For the first time in weeks I have made it to 3pm without almost falling asleep at my desk! What are symptoms to watch out for as I sign that I have accidentally eaten some gluten?
  5. Thanks everyone for your welcomes... Sorry, I probably didn't explain everything properly as I was running late for work and rushing a bit! I had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy at the same time and a biopsy was taken during the proceedures. I have had blood tests before which came up negative but the biopsy came up positive. I think my doctor meant I don't have a severe case of it, but I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant at the same time so it is possible I have gotten some of what she said confused. I had the diarrhea for several hours yesterday afternoon... very noisy tummy and having to go to the toilet every 30mins or so. After say 4 or 5hrs the diarrhea stopped and I haven't had any since yesterday evening. (It is now nearly 3pm here) Since we haven't had much gluten free food in the house yet (did some shopping in my lunch break) I have mostly been eating fruit, salad, hard cheese and steak, along with a couple of gluten free biscuits. I figured it might be my body adjusting to the new diet. Either that, or perhaps a reaction to the fetta cheese (oops!) I had in my salad yesterday for lunch. I have my doubts it is that because I have been living with lactose intolerance for this long without too much drama. Up until I started the diet, I did get occasional bouts of diarrhea but it was usually just here and there, not all the time or anything like that. I just put it down to the fact that I have PCOS and that it was a side effect of Meformin which I take for PCOS. I haven't had many carbs since starting the diet so perhaps it was just lack of carbs? I should clarify, my doctor did not mention anything in regards to my weight and my diagnosis. That was just speculation on my part.
  6. Hi Everyone I was diagnosed as a Celiac a few days ago and have been on a gluten free diet for the last few days. Yesterday I spent the day home from work because I had a lot of queasyness and extremely bad diarhea. Is that normal when ajusting to the gluten free diet? I haven't got a lot of variety in my diet as yet as I have yet to go out and buy special glutin free foods. I have mostly been sticking to fruit and veges and meat although we have picked up a few glutin free biscuits and things. We are going to buy a breadmaker soon so that we can make our own bread. I was going to try and get glutin free bread from the bakery but figured there would be too much risk of cross contamination there and the glutin free bread in the supermarket is very expensive. I am in Australia by the way. My doctor tells me I don't have 'all of it'.. I am guessing she means since I am overweight (I have no idea, should probably go for a follow up visit)... would be nice if the diet helps me loose it! I was diagnosed by a colonoscopy to investigate anemia. I have had blood tests before which all came up negative. I have been starting to feel a bit more energetic since starting the diet, I hope that continues to improve.. would be nice to feel like I can do stuff again! Anyway, I had better go to work, I have no doubt I will have more questions tho...
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