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  1. Hi, I am also VERY sensitive to gluten and react horribly! My first signs are bone and muscle pain immediatley after coming in contact with gluten. I also get really bad brain fog and GI issues. These symptoms can last up to 7 days. I never eat gluten on purpose so when I do react it's from CC issues. I agree with the previous poster...find somewhere else to go for Thanksgiving! When I first went gluten-free I would visit my mom's house and leave there glutened even if I had brought my own food. One day I put two and two together and even though she did not handle fluor or bake while I was there she would usually do it first thing in the morning before I got to her home. She even cleaned everything thoroughly before I got there. I spoke to her about this and one Sunday she did not do any baking. Well lo and behold I was absolutely fine that day! She never bakes or uses flour when she knows that I am going to visit her. If the people in your life refuse to understand your disease then you need to hold your ground and take control of your life. This is about you...nobody else! Good luck!
  2. Hi, I have been experiencing the same EXACT symptoms you listed. Did you ever find out what was wrong? I have been gluten-free for 8 months and this just started. My doctors cannot find any anwers..it is quite frustrating. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Jem
  3. I reacted badly with Amy's gluten-free cheese pizza with the rice crusts. There are quite people in another forum I belong to that have glutened by other products mostly the mac and cheese and enchilada bowl. I don't chance Amy's anymore.
  4. Hi, I use McCormick spices because they list all ingredients. I use their curry spice often and never had a problem with it. The packaged curry sauces I have found many wheat in them. Thanks
  5. Hi, I just recently purchased the Oreo cookie falvored pudding and saw nothing suspect in the ingredients. Is there something I'm missing? Kraft lists all gluten containing ingredients. Thanks
  6. Hi, You say you are drinking Red Bull? Is that the beer? Beer is a big no no if it is.
  7. Hi, I had the same diagnosis you had "blunted villi". My first round of blood tests came out negative for celiac disease. My GI doc was not happy with blood tests and had me retake them. This time he sent them to Prometheus Labs in California. There are less than a handful of labs in the U.S. that can give you accurate results when it comes to celiac disease. My results came back positive. Were you gluten free when you went had your bloodwork done? This will throw off the results for sure. Also, blunted villi is always a problem! If the villi are blunted you are not absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. Long term, this will cause havoc on your body and you may suffer from other diseases associated with celiac disease. One of them being intestinal lymphoma. I would advise you to get a copy of your medical records and visit a GI doctor that is educated in celiac disease. Get the right bloodwork and proper tests. This is your life. We all hate being on a restricted diet but the alternative is not great. Not following a gluten-free diet can open up a huge can of worms later on. My internist also thought my symptoms were mentally related "depression". When he even mentioned that, I told him that I took offense to what he said. I have been his patient for over 25 yrs. and he knows I don't run to him for every little ache and pain. Depression is part of celiac disease and a strict, I mean strict gluten-free diet can alleviate those symptoms. Take care of yourself. Let us know what happens.
  8. Hi, I also belong to Delphi site and we try to update the list monthly. We all send in "confirmed products" as we get them. We have a very dedicated person that puts them all together. http://login.prospero.com/dir-login/index....liac%2Fmessages go to above website and enter as a guest then click on confirmed product lists. They are listed by month. This is also a great site to be a member of. This site has tons of recipes, great advice and of course mainstream gluten-free food lists.
  9. Be very careful in regards to cosmetics especially with lipsticks and chapsticks. Many times when the ingredients state Vitamin E it could be wheat germ oil. Do some research, it's worth a healthy and symptom free life. Also, hand creams like Aveeno are based on oats. As we all know there is a strong contamination issue with oats as they are processed. Good luck!
  10. Hi Rice Guy, I was so happy when I saw your reply! I started getting bone pain about 2 weeks after going gluten free. Most days it's awful. I'm taking 1300 of calcium and about 300 mg of magnesium a day. You also mentioned B12. What doses are you taking of the B12 and magnesium? I would really appreciate your help on this! Deperate here.. Thank you so much!
  11. I'm also laughing because when my GI doc asked me what nationality my parents were I answered Italian. He responded well celiac disease is strongly linked with a European background. My response to him was..You are telling me...an italian that I can no longer have pasta...bread....cutlets..pastries??? What's left to eat? lol He laughed too.. Jem
  12. Viola I'm with you on this one! Under no circumstances should one ingest gluten once diagnosed with celiac disease. Even if one has no symptoms when ingesting gluten damage is being done to you intestines. In the long run the health crisis you face are not worth the cheating. I would find another another doctor immediately. This doctor doesn't seem to take celiac disease very seriously. This is really quite upsetting because if he is giving out this kind of ill advice his patients will pay for it at the end.
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