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  1. Hi, I'm brand new here - my doctor is running some gliandin blood tests for suspected gluten sensitivity/Celiac disease due to several symptoms I have had (stomach pains, gas, bloating, loose BM with undigested food, headaches, etc.) My question is: Can untreated celiac disease cause preterm labor? In 2004, I was pregnant with my son, who I carried to 37 weeks successfully. However, during that pregnancy I struggled with preterm labor from 27 weeks on using terbutaline and magnesim sulfate to stop contractions. I then miscarried my baby at 17 weeks last April when I went into labor and my water broke. Right after I delivered him, I was in the hospital with terrible diarrhea and dehydration for several days - with a very elevated white blood cell count, etc. They used antibiotics to control the issues, but I have had digestive problems and stomach pains ever since. I have since also had an early miscarriage (at 5 weeks) this past November. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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