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  1. I just joined this site today as my 2 1/2 year old was diagnosed Jan. 2007. We were very blessed as the day we brought her into our pediatricians office with the stomach problems she was having for the last few months they immediately thought it was celiac. We met that same afternoon with a pediatric gastroentologist who had her blood drawn that day for a celiac panel. It came back positive in one week and one week later confirmed with an endoscopy. So not to get into my story, but I wonder if you have seen a pediatric gastroentologist. Ours is top notch affiliated with a children's hospital and said you either have celiac or you don't and there are definitive tests to confirm it. I know you don't want to put your child through anything tramatic, but it should be a blood test and if you test for the correct antibodies you will have your answer. As far as feeding him gluten. Our dr. said you should only have to do a few crackers a day for the test to come back positive. He may be uncomfortable for a week or two, but when I hear stories about people going years without a positive diagnosis, maybe you can think of a few weeks as a trade off to years of being sick. I guess I just wanted to answer you b/c you seem to be getting so many different answers and if you go to a specialist who is an expert in celiac maybe you will find the right path to making your little boy well. Hope this helps....
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