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  1. Per Benefiber: it also says "gluten free" on their label and both my doctor and nutrionist (of the famed "Celiac Center" in Boston) recommended it. I had the same exact concern. Sigh. Now I just don't even know. To top it off, my stomach just expanded to about twice its girth and I've got super...
  2. A good thought, too, but unfortunately no. I started Align (as well as regular daily intake of Benefiber) about a year ago, per doctor's orders. And this gas stuff has been going on for maybe 5 months.
  3. I'm confused. I'm taking probiotics daily (Align brand as recommended by my gastroenterologist and nutritionist). Aren't those "good" bacteria meant to balance out the bad that are potentially overrunning in my gut?
  4. I cut some of your comments just to clear up any scrolling frustrations people have, but I really appreciate your detailed and thoughtful response. The dairy I currently consume is primarily cheese (cottage and typical cheese) and some occasional Lactaid with my cereal (maybe once a week). If this...
  5. Nope, not taking any B vitamins, other than whatever's in my multi...I can tell you, my dating life has pretty much drowned in the stink.
  6. I do eat soy, but not in vast amounts and not daily. Oddly, I was going to do a veggie stirfry for dinner tonight, which would normally include soy. Perhaps I should skip it?
  7. A quick introduction and some background: I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 3 1/2 years ago and have (very slowly) improved in that time. My antibodies are back into the normal range (well, 25, which is significantly better than when I started and was somewhere >120!). I'm dealing now...
  8. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!