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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a gluten-free pasta that works for cold pasta salads. Tinkyada hardens up after being refrigerated (obviously, because it's essentially rice). The salad I'm most keen on making has mayo so there's no possibility of heating it up slightly to soften the pasta the next day. Has anyone tried corn pastas for cold salads? Thanks in advance for your help, fellow celiac chefs! ~Sally
  2. Per Benefiber: it also says "gluten free" on their label and both my doctor and nutrionist (of the famed "Celiac Center" in Boston) recommended it. I had the same exact concern. Sigh. Now I just don't even know. To top it off, my stomach just expanded to about twice its girth and I've got super bad pain (possibly heading to a hospital soon-pain) from eating...plain white rice. WTF? I hate this... rant ended.
  3. A good thought, too, but unfortunately no. I started Align (as well as regular daily intake of Benefiber) about a year ago, per doctor's orders. And this gas stuff has been going on for maybe 5 months.
  4. I'm confused. I'm taking probiotics daily (Align brand as recommended by my gastroenterologist and nutritionist). Aren't those "good" bacteria meant to balance out the bad that are potentially overrunning in my gut?
  5. I cut some of your comments just to clear up any scrolling frustrations people have, but I really appreciate your detailed and thoughtful response. The dairy I currently consume is primarily cheese (cottage and typical cheese) and some occasional Lactaid with my cereal (maybe once a week). If this is a casein issue, I suppose stopping the consumption of those is worth trying again (I LOVE cheese). As for soy, I do like soy sauce in a stir fry (a couple of times a month) and have discovered that soy lecithan is in tons of things that I consume on an occasional basis(though I mostly make sauces, dressings, etc from scratch). Several years ago, I cut out dairy and soy and continued to have all of these same problems, so I'm hesitant to cut out the foods I love if I've never experienced the results others have enjoyed. Still waiting on the fax from the doctor who did my food allergy panel last year to refresh my memory on what I was tested for... Thank you all for your kind suggestions, advice, and commiserating!
  6. Nope, not taking any B vitamins, other than whatever's in my multi...I can tell you, my dating life has pretty much drowned in the stink.
  7. I do eat soy, but not in vast amounts and not daily. Oddly, I was going to do a veggie stirfry for dinner tonight, which would normally include soy. Perhaps I should skip it?
  8. A quick introduction and some background: I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 3 1/2 years ago and have (very slowly) improved in that time. My antibodies are back into the normal range (well, 25, which is significantly better than when I started and was somewhere >120!). I'm dealing now with several issues and am wondering if they're related. The first: I have horrible chronic (every day, and about every 15-20 minutes are so) sulphur-smelling flatulence that is hot and hideously smelly. I also have some painful stomach cramps and diarrhea that happen every morning, as well as most evenings. I'm not incontinent, but I do need to get to a bathroom within a minute or so of getting the cramps. I'm completely staying away from gluten, obviously, but back on dairy (for about 2 1/2 years now) and not avoiding any other allergens. I was tested for fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, and all of the common food allergens and they all came back negative. Other recent issues that I'm wondering about their relation to celiac: I recently got "adult acne" on my face out of nowhere (my doc has prescribed it as such, but the treatment worsened it significantly and after stopping the use of the topical meds, my skin is beginning to improve a little). Also, I have some major joint pain, but am seeing an orthopedic surgeon in a couple weeks to do some xrays and tests as I am a regular workout-a-holic. I also get these very sharp shooting pains in my lower back that feel two-pronged...pretty much where the indents in the lower back are located. They're very painful, but pass quickly. Mostly, the sulphur gas is the main issue here, but if anyone has any ideas about the other issues, please do let me know! I appreciate all your help. I'm not able to get in to see my gastroenterologist until the end of the month. ~Sally
  9. Hi there, I'm really wanting to make a stash of breakfast burritos that I can freeze and then keep in the freezer and nuke when I'm on the go at work. Has anyone tried freezing any of the gluten-free wraps? The ones I use most frequently are the Trader Joe's brown rice wraps... Here's the breakfast burrito "recipe" I was inspired by, but it's pretty standard: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Breakfast-Bur...Recipe&me=1 Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. Thanks for the responses to my pity party about kissing/dating as a celiac. Looks like I need to move the man-hunt to new locales...who knew bars weren't the greatest places to begin relationships! Hahaha, ah well, such is life. Sorry to the woman who had a selfish (apologies if this is harsh) husband who left her over something as silly as bread. I guess finding that out from the get-go might be nice after all, eh? Thanks again, Sally
  11. My doctor as kind of a last resort option has put me on Amitriptyline to treat my "IBS" symptoms. It's an antidepressant, but on the lower doses, it basically numbs your guy into acting normal (that's my understanding). People taking it to treat depression take somewhere between 150-250mg a day and I'm on 25mg a day. The side effects so far are turning me into a zombie, but that did improve after the first several days. I didn't notice any improvements, but... I had to go in to get tested for every allergy a person could have (food and environmental) to determine if I have some sort of allergy that's complicating matters. To have these tests, I had to go off of the Amitriptyline for 3 days and when I did that, things got much worse. Apparently, the drugs were helping after all! The allergy tests all turned up negative, as expected...except for dust mites, which is clearly not the issue here. I'm now back on the Amitriptyline and am letting it build back into my system and see the effects of that. By the way, my current symptoms are not gluten-related as we did an endoscopy and there's no visual inflammation and all of the biopsies came back normal (10 biopsies taken in different parts of the intestines). I also have some blood work pending...IGG and IGA numbers, I believe? Any of you have any experience with this drug? ~Sally
  12. Yes, dating is now much more difficult. Granted, I'm recently out of college and dating in college is "easier" than anywhere else, most likely, but still...the gluten issue. I don't mean to hijack the thread here, but...I'm a music reviewer and am often at bars and clubs where people primarily drink cheap beer, so no romance for me. And the guys that I've mentioned the gluten issue to (right off the bat when they ask why I'm drinking cider, etc.) literally walk away mid-conversation. I know it's a great way to "weed out the losers" but they seem to be the only ones left and girl needs her romance, know what I'm sayin? I actually find the dating issues more difficult than the diet issues at this point (3 years of being gluten-free and cooking at home). *grumble* Sally
  13. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  14. Are you sure they're not just labeled "Grain Free"? They can then have malt flavorings. Most pet foods do. I've found a couple of gluten-free cat foods around me, but they cost a fortune. I live in a very expensive city as is, and on top of having an entry level job and paying for my own gluten-free foods, I really will be pushing my delicate budget by spending $30 on a 5lb bag of cat food. I'm going to bring it up with my doctors this month and see what they think. I'm definitely still sick... Glad you brought the issue up here!
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