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  1. Hello Laura. Just to let you know that the blood test came back negative and although ive been eating a gluten free diet, it keeps returning. Quite bad this morning. Did you have good days and bad days with your joint pains and swelling? My doctor wont forward me for a biopsy as he thinks the blood test is good enough. Because this started after i came back from abroad, he thinks this is a normal virus that will go away on its own, in time.. I dont think so. Also, with your experience, what would you suggest to do next. My work manager has been on my case now because they are not getting answers, although the work doctor will not send me back to work yet. Is there any other allegy test i can have to try and sort this out. Im totally lost in this situation. I would really appreciate your reply. Thankyou, Kev
  2. Hi, my results finally came back negative as predicted. I have felt slowly better having been off gluten and shall continue to eat without it. I have been into a couple of major supermarkets who have kindly printed off all their foods that are suitable for gluten-free diet. What i was wondering was, when im looking at a product where it says "contains",,,, if it doesnt state gluten or wheat on the label at all, does that mean im ok to eat this product. Purely just for gluten-free at the moment. Any replies would really be gratefully received.. Kev
  3. Hi, my results are apparently on their way and should get them in the post tomorrow. I am seeing the doctor this week. If its showing a negative, do you know the name of which other blood test i should ask for? With us not hearing of nightshades here, is there another name. Although this is becoming more recognised here, i think the knowledge isnt too great. At least thats the impression i get anyway. Thanks , Kev
  4. Hi Carla, Many thanks for your reply. I will certainly look at the links that Ursula kindly gave me. I have never heard of nighshades either so im assuming its some kind of plant. Glad you are better. Many thanks again, Kev
  5. Hi Laura. Thanks for your help. As i put earlier, it has gone (fingers crossed) from my legs. Since they sent me for this test a fortnight ago, i havent had anything gluten at all. I know that every person can vary, but what kind of time was it until it was completely gone in your case. Reagrds and thanks for your reply. Kev
  6. Hi Oma, thanks for the link. I will certainly have a read as ive never actually even heard of Lectins. Yes, i was still eating gluten products when i went for the blood test which hopefully i should have the results this week. Thanks for your reply and link once more. Kev
  7. Hi, I intend to stick with this diet. Its very costly but has to be worth it. Its gone from my legs within a fortnight, so fingers crossed. Its nice that there are ppl out there that can share their symptoms with me giving me knowledge that this is could be coeliac. I am in England , is this a worldwide site. Its extremely good reading and very knowledgeable. Thanks
  8. Hi Jenn, many thanks for your reply. Its amazing how you have to look at everythings contents. I have been this way since october, but only recently started watching everything i eat, when my first blood results came back with low vitamin b12 I would say, just a fortnight that i have been watching my diet, and although the pain has disappeared from my legs, its just my hands now. Someone did mention that it can take upto 6 weeks before i see a major difference. I know what you mean in one of your other posts when you said i dont like getting out of bed. I dont have alot of fatique and have to make myself go out.
  9. Hello, i am just waiting for the results for a blood test for coeliac. Does anyone know whether severe joint pain and swelling of the joints is a common factor for this disease? Does anybody else have this. I suffer with it mainly in the hands. My other symptoms include, depression, weakness, constipated/or other, but the one symptom that affects me the most is the pain from my hands. I have had 2 arthritus blood tests and been given the all-clear for that. Also, how long from being on a gluten free diet can you usually expect to feel a bit better..Thanks, Kev
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