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  1. I was very surprised when I went to Europe before New Year of 2007. That's where I got a clue about Gluten Products. Yes, after I spoke to several people, they explaned me exactely what is gluten and where it's coming from. All of White Bread products contains Gluten and you can't do anything about it. In Germany people where really into Baltic Food and especially Lithuanian Bread. As I found, it does not contain any gluten at all or you can say so, if there's less than 95% of wheat in the product. A bread you have to look for is called Black or Dark Rye Bread. I found http://www.valgiai.com online store - what they do, they import it frozen from Lithuanian Bakeries. THe sourdough is unique and has the oldest traditions from Eastern Europe. I was pretty dissapointed to know that all the products (white bread, bakery products, etc) contains gluten. And if you read about it, you know what it does...
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