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    Im only 23 what do you think i enjoy! Well when not working, 2 of 7 days, youll find me just relaxing, trying to eat correctly. Most of the time im lounging or ... we just got nintendo wii, (we're big kids me and my boyfriend lol) Watch tv, i love my kitties.. Maybe going for a drive, the movies, the beach, to the bar with my lover love.(of course drinking wine or rum=ick, and hey new grist isnt bad for the beer.<br /><br />Its funny how my boyfriends a chef, but with the hours he's working its hard for us to get together to arrange a cooking session together gluten free. I usually feel not up to much thinking like im going to be in the bathroom every 6 minutes. I work for Carnival cruise lines, and who knows, maybe i booked you, but dealing with needs of other in such a demanding way is making me realize i need my strength and energy to get through my gluten sensitivity. How can i make someones vacation spectacular without feeling spectacular myself. This message board hopefully will keep my hopes up and seeing thats its not the end, its something that can be controlled and dealt with. so drop me a line if you feel like letting out some gluten frustration! *melly mel*
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    Miami, Fl
  1. Happy birthday, melly7105! May God richly bless you with grace and peace today!

  2. thanks those are good. i figured freezing, and fiddle faddle i like that. i have to get some plastic wrap my boyfriend also suggested that. kaycee.. lol i did mean that i can also taste that left out ingregrient. i just made some of bobs browniees too they seem great, im about to bust into them lol. heartlands mac and cheese is my dinner tonight anyone ever have it?
  3. Hello everyone, i was wondering how you all keep your hm breads fresh? I just made bobs red mill cinnamon raisin bread, and i got the hearty whole grain, and i have made the gluten free pantry my fravotite bread mix.. a few times, a few diff way how they say on the box. i have yet to really come to like the bread... i feel like i can still taste that left out ingredient. but the last one i made we put it in a real bread bag, but it was hard the next day. i know most cookies you can freeze and some breads to.. is this the case.? i mean i really hate the idea of my bread frozen, but it lasts longer. any ideas? what do you do for your breads? thanks, and i hope you all are doing well!
  4. hey guys, i am in your same position as well. i am trying to gain weight, i feel so fragile. Im lathargic feeling , and get full so quickly! I try to eat as much as possible but when i wake up im feeling horrible, im working an 8hr day as a phone agent, hardy can snack this time yr, its busy season, and will stuff my face when i get home at night. Im still eating gluten, but have gotten better at selections. ive been allgeric since aug of 04. at that time i was 130 lbs, and started being sick and lost weight i was a steady 107-110 ish for yr 1/2 so, and then slowly got into lower 100s ,since id say december ive become so tiny, like 90 now or even less sad to say, and im disgusted, i just cant get an appitite . I have a bread machine, but the bread ive tired my favorite sandwich in that box/ and bobs red mill and another one, ill have to think, but i can taste the difference, and i think its just so bland and the taste makes me actually feel sick. I love the kinnnikikik pancakes mix, but cant live off that. i just got slim fast chocolate and ensure high protein shakes, i have a few pasta brands gluten free i like alot, and i will make mac and cheese w/ it. or butter. i eat fruit, some veggies, but i feel liek im always just snacking and want a full gluten fee delicious meal. is anyone around miami area here on this board >? anyways, hope you guys can give some of your tips, alot of you have been at this for a while and are strong with it.
  5. also what do you all enjoy for snacks? i am a phone reservations agent mostly on the phone and have very little time for meals while working/ what are healthy and filling snacks.
  6. i am looking for places to buys foods online that are good. ive been reading the posts and collected brand types, but imeaning acutal websites that are great with selections and prices, etc. I also am a new member, and i am gluten sensitive, i have been since aug of 04 and i do not eat very well.im 5'0 and probably now like 90-05 lbs, and want to gain weight both muscle and fat/ what would you recommend that has a great taste? i feel so fragile next to my 6'0 boyfriend.. im so fed up and just need to get back on track. I dont have much time do make my own foods/recipes right now and this is why im resorting to online shopping. im always exhausted from my job i come home relax with my love and try to eat what food appears appitizing. anyone used this store before? : http://www.wellnessgrocer.com/sweets-snack..._1504_1553.html , or the one from here: glutenfreemall.com? i will be popping up when i can. thanks for the information, ad hope you all are well. "]
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